Posted by: Staff | 01.07.2009

BCDS Sports- Should We Recruit?


Over the past few years, Beaver has taken huge strides academically, artistically, and musically. Now it is time to take sports to the next level at Beaver Country Day School. We have a new athletic director, Sherry Levin, who has made it clear from the get-go that she wants to transform our program into yet another strong component of the Beaver community. Although some recent sports programs have been successful, this success in athletics has been inconsistent. For example the golf, basketball, and tennis programs have set new standards in beaver’s athletics and demonstrated great leadership for other programs to follow. It is critical that the students take the initiative to promote athletics and demonstrate their passion and dedication. The eminating passion from the student body will carry over to admissions and faculty, and with the addition of our new athletic director, progress is only going to increase. One of the ways beaver can continue to prioritize athletics is by exploring the option of student recruits. Recruiting is the ticket. I agree that dropping the academic standard, or solely looking at a student based on strictly athletics is absurd, but Beaver could make it a greater priority to scout out student-athletes. For example, Mike Haynes began in 1997 as the the head coach for the boys varsity soccer team. He lead the team to four NEPSAC championships and six league championships with two undefeated seasons. This coach recruited two players by the name of Rafael Cabral and Gabe Reich, two of the three varsity boys soccer captains this year. Cabral and Reich have proven to hold prominent places on the soccer field as well as in the classroom. However, the coach was fired in 2005. After his removal, recruiting for soccer diminished dramatically. Lets bring back the recruiting atmosphere, and change Beaver sports as a whole. As a dedicated student-athlete, and a “beaver-believer”, I truly enjoy playing on my Beaver teams.

The addition of the new athletic center in 2007 has set the stage in the athletics and created great potential. Now we need to fill this potential with dedication, development, and commitment. While this new addition is a great step in the right direction, Beaver needs to take it upon themselves and strive for excellence. By this I mean both through the students minds and the school development as a whole. Settling for second best should not be in our vocabulary.

Another way to promote athletics in through our school by declaring Pingree as our official arch-rival. They are arguably the strongest athletic school in the EIL and what better way to enhance Beaver sports than declaring Pingree Beaver’s Arch-rival. By creating a healthy rivalry, pride for beaver athletics will increase tremendously and create strong school spirit.

This year, Beaver has experienced greater fan support; in fact, the Boys Varsity Soccer team verses Chapel Hill was a revolutionary event. Roughly fifty to sixty fans came out to support the team, and it was evident that the athletes were energized by the energy that the fans exploited. The more the crowd shouted and hollered, the more drive the team had on the field. As Coach Cabral said, “Having a lively home crowd is like having a Twelfth player on the field.” As a member of the varsity soccer team I personally experienced this feeling this past fall.

Beaver is an extraordinary school not only because it is inclusive and intellectually challenging, but because it is such a close-knit community. Dedication, sportsmanship, and team support are the keys to successful teams. Although I am an athlete, I am also a dedicated student, actor, and singer. BCDS Athletics have made huge strides over the past couple of years, and it is up to the students to take it to the next level. Lets make it happen. We’ve got what it takes!



  1. Great article Henry. You argued your point well. But, I don’t see why we have to declare Pingree as our rival. 1: they are only our rival in certain sports such as tennis and basketball.2: there is already a strong enough rivalry built up. No need to push it to an unhealthy point. Plus, based on Manning’s hatred of boo-ing and cheering against other teams, the administration would never agree to it.

    Perhaps at the next pep rally someone could reference the rivalry. A sort of unofficial declaration.

  2. Nice write-up. Recruiting in high school sports is always a difficult decision, because it’s such a polarizing issue.

  3. Not bad… I think that recruting will help us strengthen our sports program but Beaver is not for everyone.

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