Posted by: Staff | 01.07.2009

Faculty Spotlight: Kim Kaplan


Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Kaplan- History Dept.



In the corner room with poor heating and cracked paint on the walls (a small price to pay for a panoramic view of the softball field) resides History teacher, Kim Kaplan. A Framingham native, Kaplan is no stranger to New England weather. She copes with the lack of heat by using a personal space heater to warm her and her students, coaxing them into a safe learning environment. Ms. Kaplan attended Rivers High School in Weston, MA and attended Lehigh University for college.

During our intense questioning session, I asked Ms. Kaplan for the top embarrassing story from her high school life. This is the tale she told: As a freshman at Rivers, Ms. Kaplan was walking down the hallway carrying some books, when she saw her crush, Steve. Little Ms. Kaplan accidentally dropped all of her books and they cascaded across the floor. As she went to pick them up, a piece of paper slowly floated to the feet of the handsome Steve. This piece of paper was filled with, “I love Steve” in swirling cursive. Ms. Kaplan, frozen in shock, stared at Steve. He laughed and proceeded to ask her out. Steve didn’t last, and Ms. Kaplan is now happily married to Mike, an MIT grad student. The jolly couple lives with their cockapoodle, Eleanor Roosevelt Kaplan (Ellie).

In her free time, Ms. Kaplan enjoys playing softball, shopping, getting manicures, and spending time with Ellie. Her four-legged friend’s favorite item of clothing is a half zip purple fleece, which keeps her little blonde body toasty in brisk fall afternoons. Ellie, the most fashion forward dog on campus, enjoys long walks in the park, playing catch, and eating staples.

With a passion for fashion, Ms. Kaplan is by far the best dressed in the history department. No wonder her wardrobe is impeccable, considering her favorite store is Bloomie’s. Ms. Kaplan’s favorite articles of clothing are her Seven boot-cut jeans and her Ugg’s (medium height in sand color). If ever in Ms. Kaplan’s class, be sure to compliment her on her dapper attire, but refrain from whistling and being rude. (Her two pet peeves.)

On a cozy weekend indoors, Ms. Kaplan enjoys curling up on the sofa with a bag of red gummy lobsters, Twizzlers, and a peppermint skim latte, no foam, no whip, from Starbucks, while watching one of her top three films: “Father of the Bride”, “Dirty Dancing”, or “Manikin”, or her favorite television show: “90210”; either the old or the new.

So come on by room 219 to see Ms. Kaplan, whose warm smile and happy disposition make her a favorite among Beaver students.


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