Posted by: Staff | 01.13.2009

“Beaver Believes” II: By Vanessa Lecky


The Joys of Cake

I believe in the thrills of cake. Each layer of a cake holds an intriguing, delectable flavor that contributes to the scrumptious treat. No cake is complete without three essential components: the candles, the sugary icing on top, and the moist interior.

Cake is important in my family’s life. Birthdays are celebrated extravagantly and extensively, and they always include a cake. Celebrating birthdays shows how grateful we are for each other’s presence. My grandmother always cooks her famous coconut rice for special occasions. Whenever my uncle Charlie was around, he would add to the merriment of the occasion by taking pictures to capture the fun. However, when everyone is enjoying the frivolous laughter and jokes, one person seems to be missing out on the merriment every time: my mother. My mom works nonstop. As a single mother, she works diligently round the clock so that my family and I have food on the table. My mom takes on all the responsibilities and endures many hardships in order to provide what my family needs.

Two days ago, after dropping me at school, my mom raced off to work with only minutes to spare. I rarely see her until the following day. This is not surprising, given that she once worked straight through her birthday! I remember just this past August, as her birthday approached, I wanted to reward her with a special gift. “Don’t worry a card is enough, Vanessa” she replied.

It was not enough. I had to buy her a gift as a token of my appreciation; it was absolutely necessary.

The day of her birthday, she arrived home close to 9:30 PM. My cousins eagerly flooded her with handmade birthday cards and hugs as she walked in.

Once she finished dinner, she announced, “Oh, I am so tired. Didn’t get any sleep. And tomorrow I’ll start all over again.”

“Mom, you are going to burn yourself out. It is your day. You should be resting and enjoying yourself,” I responded.

“I know,” she sighed quietly.

“Wait here. I have something to give you,” I said. I ran upstairs giddy, half blinded with excitement. I retrieved the pouch I had secretly purchased on my trip to China last summer and had hidden. I flew downstairs. Bursting, I surprised her and pulled out a pearl necklace. “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

The smile that broke across her face as I fastened on the new necklace was a golden ray of sun breaking through the storm. It filled me with happiness. It was the least I could give her for all that she has done to help me. But the birthday still would not be complete without a birthday cake. A mouthwatering half chocolate half vanilla layered cake covered with lavishly decorated vanilla mousse icing and three candles really gives the celebration a sweet satisfying finish.

I believe in cake because I believe in taking moments to celebrate with my beloved family, who always fill my life with sweetness and surprises.


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