Posted by: Staff | 01.15.2009

Speaker Ignites Students’ Political Opinions

jeff-jacobyLUCY HICKS ’10

Jeffrey Jacoby, a columnist for the Boston Globe, came to Beaver December 10th, 2008, and spoke at Wednesday forum about the role of the United States in policing the rest of the world. To the surprise of many of attendees of the meeting, Jacoby argued the importance of the involvement of the United States in policing other countries. 

Jacoby argued that small neighborhoods, towns, and cities all require policemen, so why doesn’t the world require them too? The real question remained: who was qualified to be “Globo-cop” and monitor the activities of the rest of the world? In Jacoby’s opinion, that task falls onto the shoulders of the United States. We are the world’s greatest superpower, with a strong army and economy, so it makes sense why the policing job should be left to the United States. He also said that if the United States was not the world’s cop, no other country would take its place.

Obviously, Jeffrey Jacoby’s thoughts on the United States involvement in foreign affairs were controversial, and received very different reactions from the student body. Some students were excited about Jeffrey Jacoby’s visit to Beaver, happy to hear from a different perspective. These students felt that his agreement was valid, and agreed with what he had to say. For others, the reaction was quite different. Many others were upset by his words, believing the U.S. should not be “Globo-cop”, and collaborate with the world instead.

Though both opinions are defendable and neither of them are wrong, Jeffrey Jacoby’s visit undeniably sparked engaging and intellectual conversations between peers and faculty. Those conversations need to continue in order to build bridges between democrats and republicans, conservatives and liberals, and any differing viewpoints. It is even more important that these conversations continue at Beaver to aware students of the different opinions that exist around the world.


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