Posted by: Staff | 01.19.2009

Classroom Spotlight: BCDS Takes on McDonald’s


Ms. Kuper’s winter term nutrition class has decided to take on the nemesis of healthy eating: the McDonald’s industry. It is common knowledge that McDonald’s food is bad for you, but to what extent? To find the answer to this question, the class is holding a trial, arguing whether or not the growing obesity crisis can at all be tied to McDonald’s and its unhealthy menu.

Before starting preparation for the debate, students watched the movie Super Size Me, an independent film in which filmmaker Morgan Spurlock sticks to a strict “McDonald’s only” diet for 30 days straight. This fast food project was created after several lawsuits against McDonald’s claiming that its food had caused the defendants’ obesity. The lawsuits were unsuccessful, but Beaver Country Day is going to give them another try.

The class is split up into two opposing groups: one arguing for personal responsibility, and one for McDonald’s taking blame in the obesity crisis. The two sides have been researching and solidifying their arguments for a full week, preparing for the big day to showcase their arguments. Whoever wins, there is no doubt that this will be an electrifying debate.


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