Posted by: Staff | 02.03.2009

Boston’s Unknown Hockey Team


One may be thinking, “Who are those people and what are they wearing on their feet?” Hopefully you know enough to realize that the picture below was taken of Zdeno Chara, captain of the Boston Bruins.

I realize that one can watch the defending NBA champion Celtics during the winter, and that there are the NFL playoffs up until February, but there are very few excuses for a Bostonian to not watch the Boston Bruins. Yes, the Bruins are a hockey team, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Did you know that the Bruins have the best record in the NHL? Well they do, and they are having another terrific season.

After barely making the playoffs last season, Claude Julien, the Bruins’ head coach turned the team around during the off season. The Bruins picked up sharp shooter Michael Ryder from free agency. The most impressive attribute of the Bruins’ roster is definitely their home-grown players. Phil Kessel, Patrice Bergeron, Milan Lucic, and Blake Wheeler make the Bruins one of the hardest teams to defend against. Phil Kessel, who is currently suffering from mono, is the highest scorer on the Bruins with twenty four goals this season. Captain Zdeno Chara is a giant help on defense, literally. This Slovakian is 6’11” (with skates on) and has the longest reach in the NHL. Chara also, for the second year in a row, proved during the All Star break to have the hardest shot in the NHL at 105.4 mph. Leading the team in assists, Marc Savard is the best passer in the NHL. He is fourth in the league for assists and first in the league for plus-minus.

I know, the big three are worth watching, but maybe one Thursday, after procrastinating about doing homework, you’ll tune into 1030 AM or NESN and watch a period or two of the Bruins game.


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