Posted by: Staff | 02.03.2009

Stories by Ed: The Dog and the Cemetery


“Stories by Ed” is a column devoted to the nearly fantastical stories told by one of the unique members Beaver maintenance crew. Prior to working at Beaver, Ed Gagnon held a variety of positions in different jobs. These are some of the stories that he is willing to share with the Beaver student body.

At one point in his life, Ed worked as the superintendent of a cemetery. This cemetery had two hills and a valley in between. One day, as Ed was walking the grounds, he saw a young woman of about twenty-five, and a Labrador Retriever walking along the path reading the names on each headstone. The woman approached Ed, and asked if he knew of a specific woman. He nodded and responded by saying that he knew this woman very well. She used to come to the cemetery often to see her mother, but she had died a few months before. The young woman proceeded to ask Ed if he knew where this woman was buried. Ed began to walk the lady to the grave.

They were on the top of the first hill, and the Retriever began to run aimlessly around the cemetery. The two humans walked down the hill, into the valley, and began to climb the second hill. At the top of the second hill, Ed pointed downwards and said, “The grave you are looking for is over there.” As he said this, his finger pointed directly to a tombstone. Beneath this tombstone laid the dog.

If this has yet to disturb you in any way, then this next part will: the person who had died was this young woman’s mother, and the dog belonged to the deceased. The young lady had been estranged from her family for many years. As a teenager, her mother told her, “Upon my death, you will receive my dog.” One day, the young woman arrived home to see the Golden Retriever tied to her door. Even thought it had been a few months since the death of her mother, she did not know that her mother had died, nor did she know where she was buried. The day that the dog was found on her doorstep, she came looking for the grave of her dead mother.

Who knows what caused the dog to find the grave. The plot was not freshly dug, and grass had already begun to sprout, making this tomb no different than any other in the cemetery. Maybe, it was just a lucky sniff from the snout that lead the dog to this place, or maybe it was the apparition of the deceased guiding the way for her best friend to see where she laid.


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