Posted by: Staff | 02.06.2009

Jog with Wing


adam-wingThe Cross Country team is one of the least recognized teams at Beaver. Cross Country is an onerous sport to participate in at BCDS… with weekend practices and weekly grueling workouts. Adam Wing has been a member of the Cross Country team throughout his high school career. This year, he is captain of the team, and wants to prove that Cross Country deserves recognition.

TS: When did you start running cross country?

AW: I started running in third grade with a group of close friends that I am still in touch with today.

TS: What seed are you on the team?

AW: Currently I am number one, but Tory and I are usually competing for that spot.
TS: When did you start to become the runner you are today?

AW: Freshman year, when I started running for the varsity team. I was a runner before that, but I was not aware of where the team placed or what the team was doing.
TS: Are you on a team outside of school?

AW: No, one team is enough for me to be running on.
TS: Is this your favorite sport?

AW: That is a hard question for me to answer. Though I do love running, I like swimming more because in order to run, you always need other people around you to play.
TS: Is this your favorite spectator sport?

AW: I am ok with watching it if I am coaching or cheering on teammates, but other than that, I am going to be honest, it’s pretty boring to watch. I would have to say that baseball is my favorite sport to watch even though I would never play it.
TS: If you could run a track even in the Olympics, which event would you choose?

AW: Marathon. I hate the track, I would much rather run a longer distance of 26.2 miles.
TS: If you were to run a relay race, which position would you choose?

AW: Though I enjoy playing anchor on a relay team, I would much rather enjoy being 2nd to last. I think that position fits my style the best.
TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, or family member on your cross country career?

AW: My freshman year coach. He was coaching the varsity team while I was in middle school. He started coming to more meets than my parents did. He was a very big supporter because he wanted me on his team, but he was also just always there supporting our team. Even though he left Beaver after my freshman year, he has still been supporting my team.
TS: As captain, do you have any goals for the team this year?

AW: The team this year is doing really well. I think all of my prior goals have been met. I am happy that the girls’ team has done very well this year by beating LCA. The boys’ team has also performed well even with recurring injuries.
TS: Do you see cross country in your future in any way?

AW: I really don’t know right now. It all depends where I end up at school. I can see myself running on an intramural team at college. I can also see myself coaching because I really enjoy working with younger people for cross country. I really enjoy coaching.
TS: Would you ever run a marathon?

AW: That is one of those once in a lifetime events, so I am sure I will do it at one point in time during my life.
Adam’s last race at Beaver is on Halloween: the EIL Tournament. Hopefully the team will overcome their injuries and have a really strong end of the season. Good luck, Cross Country!


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