Posted by: Staff | 02.06.2009

Kanye Dares to be Different


kanyeThroughout the years, we have seems Kanye grow as a genius producer and amazing hip-hop artist, providing beats for artists such as Jay-z, and Memphis Bleek among others. Many would argue that his best album was his first The College Dropout with “Through the Wire” being his first single. Since then we have seen much of Kanye, as he has released hit after hit. His arrogance upsets many, while some may argue that he has much to be proud of. But people may ask with the release of his recent album, “Does Kanye have anything to be too arrogant about?”

In late 2008, Kanye West’s fourth album dropped with the title of “808s and Heartbreak.” His first single from the album was “Love Lockdown,” and it reached number three on the top 100 billboard charts. This album is probably the most intimate for Kayne’s fans and it’s a sound that not too many people are used to from him: hip-hop.
Personally, I commend Mr. West for being different and trying to reach a broader audience. In the past two years, Kanye has suffered the loss of his mother and an end to a long relationship with ex-fiancé, Alexis Phifer. Some say he’s using these as a gimmick; however I believe that Kanye is just letting us know where he is in his life with “808s and Heartbreak.”

My experience with this CD has been great, I have listened to this whole album through and its one to go out and buy. As usual, Kanye’s beats are remarkable. His flow is a bit different, but it is one that we should all try and get used to. My favorite songs on this album are ‘Coldest Winter’ and ‘Love Lockdown.’ You can feel his pain through each song, and you can tell he formulates each song in a different manner. This makes one want to listen to see what else he has in store. So far, this album has been a success and has been praised for its creativity and authenticity.


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