Posted by: Staff | 02.06.2009

Lubin-Levy Point Blank


The Girls Varsity Basketball team is playing the best it has been for the past few years. The team is currently 8-4coming off an epic win by two points against LCA. Leading the team this year in steals, assists, 3-pointers, and points per game, Dani Lubin-Levy is a crucial part of the team this year.


New coach and head of the athletics, Sherry Levin, says “Dani is an amazing leader on and off the court. She leads by example with dedication and commitment to the program. As a point guard she makes everyone around her a better player. Together with the other senior captains, Janaya Hart and Nicole Latoure, they will leave their mark on the girls basketball program.” Here is some insight on her basketball career.
TS: When did you start playing basketball?

DL: I started when I was about six in town leagues and progressively got into more serious club Teams.
TS: What position do you play?

DL: Point Guard
TS: As captain, what are some goals you have for the team this year?

DL: Even though it may be a reach, one goal would be to make NEPSACs which is probably is our biggest challenge. Another goal would be to play beyond our potential we have been doing so far.
TS: When did you start to become the player you are today?

DL: Probably freshmen year when I started playing for a really competitive club team. That’s what got me most serious about basketball and transitioned me into a point guard. This year I have played the best basketball of my life.
TS: Are you playing basketball outside of school, if so what team?

DL: Yes, I am playing for a club team called “Basketball to the Limit”.
TS: Is basketball your favorite spectator sport?

DL: Probably, basketball or soccer.
TS: Is basketball your favorite sport to play?

DL: Yes by far.
TS: How time consuming is your basketball career?

DL: It depends on the season. I play all four seasons. Playing AAU is usually the most time consuming. We have tournaments every weekend that take out around ten hours of your weekend. Also, we practice three times a week which is another eight hours.


TS: During the offseason, how do you keep in shape?

DL: AAU basically. I also go to a trainer at BU.


TS: What professional team would play for in basketball if you had the choice?

DL: Going by WNBA, I would play for Seattle because Sue Bird is on that team. She is a phenomenal point guard who played at University of Connecticut. She is pretty legendary.

TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, or family member on your basketball career?

DL: It has switched throughout my basketball career. In the past, it was my coach from AAU who showed me the potential of me playing in college. Now, I would definitely say Coach Levin because she is bringing out the best of my abilities and making me play the best that I ever have.
TS: What has been your favorite basketball memory at Beaver?

DL: Probably this year. When we got back from winter break, we had two big wins against Chapel Hill and St. Paul’s in an out of league game, which was pretty huge for our team.
TS: Do you see this sport in your future in any way?

DL: Yeah, I am playing in college, either Bowdoin or Hamilton most likely.
TS: What do you predict your record will be at the end of the season?

DL: Right now our record is 8-4. I am hoping that we only get two more losses. So 15-6 going into the EIL tournament.
Best of luck to the Girl’s Basketball team this year. Hopefully after this season, Lubin-Levy will accompany Aaron Barnes, Wayne Turner, Peter Georgakas, and Ephy McDowle on the 1,000 point club in the new Athletic Center.


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