Posted by: Staff | 02.11.2009

TOP 5 Most Bizarrely Obscure Areas of the School


Top 5 Most Bizarrely Obscure Areas of the School

5. Tiny bathroom in the original art studio

Everyone has their own memory of attempting to make use of the lonely facility. As all who dared soon discovered, convenience and comfort don’t always go hand-in-hand.


4. Courtyard

You know, the place with the little dog statue. It’s a beautiful place really, especially in the warmer months. You’ll only see people there when a language teacher distributing worksheets suddenly gets a pang of generosity, which is a shame considering how often students bemoan the lack of places to hang out.


3. Link between the cafeteria and the Roger’s Room

The Roger’s Room’s purpose, as well as the Roger’s Room itself, has changed sporadically in its years of existence, but one still has to wonder how this staircase was ever useful. Back before the Black Box, when the Roger’s Room was a second theater, the space was used for costume changes. Now, the doors to the staircase are always locked, depriving students of the chance to sate their curiosities.

2. Second floor of the library

Should the Dewey Decimal system ever lead you up the stairs to the second floor of the library, you’ll realize just what you’ve been missing out on: A) a tremendous feeling of power, B) an excellent place to do homework or just get away from it all, and C) a labyrinth of dust.

1. Greenhouse

We’ve got a greenhouse. How many Beaver students even know that? At some point, middle-school science classes planted beans in the greenhouse behind the science wing, but besides that the massive specialized space seems to be unknown, unused, and, unfortunately enough, entirely obscure.



  1. I assume anyone who took freshman physics dropped something from the greenhouse.

  2. And the courtyard, of course, has some pretty interesting stories behind it. 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear the Rogers Room stairwell is now off-limits. It was nice and sneaky.

    How about the bathroom in the History Office? Or the third floor of the upper school wing stairwell? Or the whole area behind the Green Gym? The list goes on… 🙂

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