Posted by: Staff | 02.20.2009

Duel with Garcia


The fencing team did extremely well this season. Placing second in states for the first time in the past five years, the 08-09 epee team truly made a name for themselves. Leading the way, senior Andrew Garcia was a dominant force on the epee team. Garcia has been a significant part of the fencing team for the past four years.


TS: When did you start fencing?

AG: Freshman year

TS: What position do you play?

AG: I fence for the epée team


TS: As a senior on the team, what are some goals you have for the epée team this year?

AG: My goal is to win at states. Unfortunately, we came in second.

TS: Are you fencing outside of school, if so what team?

AG: No

TS: Is fencing your favorite spectator sport?

AG: Well let me tell you a story. Last year, I watched a lot of matches because of a broken ankle prohibiting me to play. As I watched the matches, I realized that fencing is not a good spectator sport. To really enjoy fencing you have to live fencing. You cannot live vicariously through a fencer you are watching.

TS: Is fencing your favorite sport to play?

AG: Yes

TS: How time consuming is your fencing career?

AG: During the weekdays, our practices are two hours long.

TS: During the off season, how do you keep in shape?

AG: I have a pretty strict diet; I try to limit myself to 5000 calories a day. I also move a lot during the off season. It is important for me to eat properly and move a lot.

TS: If you could duel anyone, who would you choose?

AG: The Red Baron

TS: What inspired you to be a fencer?

AG: What inspired Bob Dylan to sing? What inspired Hemingway to write? You have to do what you are going to do in life. I always knew that fencing was something I was always going to do.

TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, or family member on your fencing career?

AG: Coach Randalls

TS: What was your favorite fencing memory at Beaver?

AG: When the epee team came in second place a few weeks ago. It was the first time in over four years that we had won a silver medal in states. It was the first time that Beaver fencing won a medal in fencing for quite some time.

TS: Do you see this sport in your future in any way?

AG: Have you ever seen the movie Space Jam? In Space Jam, Michael Jordon stops playing basketball because he knows he has something bigger to do in his life. That is how I feel about fencing. I’ll stop for now, but if Bugs Bunny wants me to continue, then I probably will.

Next winter, the fencing team will definitely be missing a key player to the epee team and true gentleman. It is good to know that a fencer like Garcia is out there if Bugs Bunny or any of the other Looney Tunes need his help.



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