Posted by: Staff | 03.06.2009

Beaver Believes V: Kayla Masterman


Sunday is the day when everyone is home, and the conversations are flowing. I might have butterflies for the upcoming week, but my family is all around and those butterflies fly away. The most important part of Sunday to me is dinnertime. All afternoon the smell of dinner has danced around the house, waiting for us to eat the meal. When we sit down I always want to thank my mother for her cooking, and I take pride in the part I helped with. I look forward to hearing my family’s funny stories of the day and I want to share mine. I never realized how much I cherish Sunday family dinners until they stopped happening.I love having my family around, making memories with them, and spending time at home with them. I love ditching my friends to stay home with my family and just relax. I don’t find it embarrassing or rude; I find it something we all should do. The conversation start from the cliché, “How was your day?” to the more intriguing questions such as, ” Is that her real hair color?” or the comforting comments like “Don’t worry honey, you’ll do better next time.” A family friend had been preparing me that my brother’s departure for college was going to make my everyday life very different; but I shrugged them off and was not ready to admit how much I loved my brother. The first Sunday after Justin left, the family dinner of five decreased to a dinner of four. I remember wondering: Will he come back for my birthday, for Hanukah, or for my graduation? I was 11 years old and it was the first time any one member of my family was not going to regularly appear at the Sunday dinners. Eleven years with my brother and now he had gone off to college. I was confused and sad but I did not want to admit that to anyone.

I was still in the stage where admitting I loved my siblings was weird. But once he was gone missing him was all I could do. I never appreciated having him home, and now that he wasn’t going to be I knew those dinners was going to feel very unusual. Four years after that my other brother went off to college and by this time admitting my appreciation towards my brothers was easy to do. Once I had admitted my care for my brothers, made the departure of David much more difficult for me to handle.

I began to miss the little things that happened when my brothers lived at home. I missed the noise level of the house, the inside jokes only we would laugh at, and each room booming with its own aura of the person who lives there. Not having two other people in the house is not what I miss; the feeling I miss is having my two brothers not in the house. I always feel comfortable and happy when I’m with my family and that feeling of security and connection is something I cannot feel with anyone else. I often wonder if I could, would I change my family for someone else’s? As I’ve gotten older, I reassure myself that the answer is no. I believe that the connection between family members is a type of bond that cannot be made with anyone else. I believe in the love that a family provides and how important that love is. This I believe.


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