Posted by: Staff | 03.11.2009

An Inconvenient Truth



Over the years BCDS has gained a reputation of a diverse progressive school with a strong arts department. Sports, on the other hand, have been weak for the most part. This is, in large part, due to the size of our school as well as our reputation. The high school has been comprised of about 310 students every year, which is far fewer than most other schools in our league. For example, Bancroft has about 575 students currently enrolled. Also Beaver has little land that can be used for sports and cannot expand near the campus because the Brookline cemetery and large houses surround it. These disadvantages have motivated BCDS to take large steps toward becoming a school with a strong athletic program.

The new gym and new athletic director have both been excellent upgrades, but our teams have not experienced large gains in winning percentages. All beaver students enjoy playing and required to play at least one sport no matter their athletic ability. Winning is usually not the primary goal which creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Over the years seniors have enjoyed playing on varsity teams even if they have never played before because of the school tradition of all seniors making the varsity team regardless of skill.


But this year is different, seniors will not automatically make varsity teams and many fourth years have already been cut. This leaves many seniors unhappy since they have waited for their turn for so many years. This brings up the point that one thing the BCDS community should recognize is a strong athletic program should not be judged by winning percentage or the happiness of our athletes but a good balance of the two. Though it is true some of our teams have been competitive and should work hard to improve, BCDS is a place where all students should be able to enjoy any sports offered regardless of skill and competition. This new idea has definitely worked this year with the success of the varsity basketball teams.



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