Posted by: Staff | 03.11.2009

The Junior Science Project Begins


The Junior Science Project, to those who don’t already know, is the largest science project in the 11th year and one of the largest projects in all of high school. During this project, students brainstorm a research question that interests them, such as “how does caffeine affect one’s attention” or “which type of water, tap or bottled, is better?” After a few weeks of investigating to uncover background information on their topics, students establish hypotheses and begin to create their own procedures and experiments for testing these questions.

The possibilities for this project are endless and can be quite daunting. One person can study the effect of caffeine on the brain, while another person may research the effectiveness of different green cleaners. This junior class is especially utilizing this project, and has come up with unique and interesting ideas. Their subjects of choice range from psychology and physiology to sound-proofing and bacteria growth.

Though many students would be hesitant about working on such a large and time-consuming project, Beaver students have so far met this new, creative assignment with eagerness and enthusiasm. Many students are excited to start a project that they can focus toward their individual interests. Buzz Haverty said, “The project lets me combine the different things I’ve learned at Beaver with interests of my own, which is something that a lot of other projects can’t offer.”

The Capstone will take a lot of work, but it seems that the junior class is more than ready for it. So put on your safety goggles and lab coats and have fun experimenting!


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