Posted by: Staff | 04.08.2009

Ultimate With Offit


On It Ultimate with Offit

Spring is finally here! Most people are probably so excited for barbecues, Big Papi and “Youk!”, lacrosse, whiffle ball, but Captain Adam Offit ’09 could not be more excited for Ultimate Frisbee. Coached by the wonderful duo, John Schatz and Rebecca Melvoin, Offit has been on the team since freshman year and has been named MVP of the team for the past three years. His intensity, leadership, work ethic, and skin tight under armor shirts (which he wears to every practice) make him a dominant frisbee player.


TS: When did you start playing Frisbee?

AO: I picked up a Frisbee for the first time in the spring of freshman year. I knew pretty much nothing about it at all, but out of all the spring sports I liked it the best.

TS: What position do you play?

AO: Well there are no official positions in Ultimate Frisbee, but everyone can be divided into two groups: handlers, someone who often throws the disc, and receivers, primarily a catcher. Receivers can be broken down into three groups: people who go long, intermediate, and short. I primarily am a receiver, and I usually stay at the intermediate level.

TS: Just recently, Ultimate Frisbee became a varsity sport at Beaver and at other EIL schools. Even Belmont Hill, an ISL school, made it a varsity sport. Do you believe Frisbee should be a varsity sport?

AO: Yes, definitely. It has all the credentials to be a varsity sport. The athletes are held to the same standards. There are coaches and practices just like there are in other varsity sports.

TS: As captain, what are some goals you have for the team this year?

AO: I definitely want to break .500 this season which we almost did last year. We were either 6-8 or 7-8 last season. That is pretty much my main team goal, which I without doubt think we can do.

TS: When did you start to become the player you are today?

AO: I pretty much love the sport from when I started playing freshman year. Over the years, I have started to practice more and more. This year I started playing Frisbee year round. So to answer your question, I started to become the player I am today last season.

TS: Is Frisbee your favorite sport to play?

AO: No. I would have to say football is my favorite sport to play. Second would either be dodgeball or Frisbee.

TS: How time consuming is your Frisbee career?

AO: I like to play Frisbee every free period I have during school. I also play Frisbee each weekend with Mike Boustany who lives conveniently close to me.

TS: During the offseason, how do you keep in shape?

AO: I wrestle in the winter, which gets me into shape. I usually run two and a half miles three times a week.

TS: What inspired you to play Frisbee?

AO: I don’t really know. It all goes back to freshman year. I knew I did not want to play baseball. I was leaning towards lacrosse or Frisbee. I ended up choosing Frisbee.

TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, teammate, or family member on your Frisbee career?

AO: Sam Freeman. He has playing Frisbee with me since day one. He got me really excited about Ultimate. I saw how much he loved the game and his work ethic. Sam really pushed me, and he is a big reason why I am where I am today.

TS: Do you think this year’s team has what it takes to beat rivals Concord and Gann?

AO: From what I have learned through my inside sources, Gann only has three seniors, so I don’t know how good they are going to be this year. I think this year we can beat Concord and Gann. Last year, we lost to Concord in a really close match where the rules were altered due to a Jazz band concert. The team I am worried about is BU Academy. They are usually pretty solid.

TS: What was/has been your favorite Frisbee moment at Beaver?

AO: Probably the win in the rain last year against Cambridge School of Weston. It was a defensive battle until the very end. It was awesome.
TS: Do you see Frisbee in your future in any way?

AO: Yeah. I am definitely going to play in college. I don’t know if it is going to be a varsity sport or not.

TS: What do you predict the record will be for this season?

AO: I think we will go 6-5, 7-4.

In his last season at Beaver, Offit hopes to make this season memorable. Helping him achieve this goal are seniors Mike Boustany, John Zibrak, Sam Freeman, Rafael Cabral, Ben Jacobson, Jeremy Tannenbaum, and the infamous Andrew Garcia. Freeman and Cabral have also been on the team since freshman year and have been a key part of the team. Best of luck to the Frisbee team this year!


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