Posted by: Staff | 04.17.2009

Girls Lacrosse Loses Close Game At Po’ Abbey


The Varsity Girls Lacrosse Team had their first game of the season Saturday April 4th. We drove an hour and 15 minutes to Portsmouth Abbey, in Rhode Island. Portsmouth Abby is a strong and fast team, and because we only had 10 practices, we had a tough start. The girl’s lacrosse team has two new coaches this year: Coach Sara and Coach Liz. They are both young and very nice. With our new coaches we have been running more this year and have become more motivated.

In the beginning of the game we were playing very well. Then, halfway through the first half, the defense let down. Beaver had only one goal, and Portsmouth Abbey was beating us by a few. After halftime we stepped up our game. We were fighting harder for the ball, and the defense had become much stronger. It was a tough game and Beaver ended up losing, but senior Sabrina Brown scored two goals. The team has eight new members who have been a great addition to the Beaver Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse Team. We are looking forward to a great season and hoping to win a lot of games!


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