Posted by: Staff | 04.20.2009

Rosenthal’s swinging for the Fences!


Out near the playground, behind the new arts building lays lower field. Lower Field is a magical place where potatoes are shot out of a cannonkat-rosenthal, where teachers and seniors compete against each other in the annual softball game, and where preseason soccer players rip apart the grass doing suicides. However, Lower Field is known primarily as the home field of the Girls Varsity Softball team. Recently, the softball team has been getting progressively better. With the help of Coaches Kaplan and Wolf, and the new addition of Coach Collins, the Girls Varsity Softball team is preparing itself for a new beginning. Kat Rosenthal and Lauren Gunther, captains of the team, are both going to be essential players for the team’s success this year. Gunther is the team’s number one pitcher who is a phenomenal pitcher. Rosenthal is a presence in the outfield and is the team’s strongest hitter. She has also done some extraordinary work off the field by developing a softball pitching machine that pitches multiple types of pitches (curve, slider, fastball, etc.)

TS: When did you start playing softball?

KR: I started playing softball in 8th grade for Boston Latin. Before that, I played baseball.

TS: What position do you play?

KR: Primary outfielder, secondary catcher.

TS: As captain, what are some goals you have for the team this year?

KR: I would like a .500 average on the season. Also, I would like everyone on the team to be respectful toward each other and have a good time.

TS: When did you start to become the player you are today?

KR: After freshman year, I started to be like “Wow, I really do love this.” I started to try to become the best player I could. I started to go to extra camps and clinics. In sophomore year, I joined a Junior Olympic team and I fell in love with softball even more.

TS: Are you playing softball outside of school? If so what team?

KR: Yes. I play for the Junior Olympic team Tanner Pride; it is an 18 and under team. This is my first year on the team. Last year I played for the Mass Wildcats, another Junior Olympic team. These teams are national teams that play all over the country. This year we may be playing in a tournament in Las Vegas.

TS: Is softball your favorite spectator sport?

KR: I enjoy watching softball. I would say baseball is my favorite though. I also like watching football. Basketball is ok to watch. I would say football or baseball is my favorite sport to watch.

TS: Who is your favorite Red Sox player currently and of all time?

KR: I would have to say Jason Varitek. I absolutely loved him growing up. He is my favorite Red Sox of all-time because I think he is a great player and leader. Favorite currently: Jacoby Ellsbury. He took over Coco Crisps position in an incredible fashion and has performed extremely well.

TS: Is there a particular softball or baseball professional player that you play like?

KR: I don’t think exactly anyone. I am a power hitter and an outfielder.

TS: So, almost a Jason Bay?

KR: Yes. I could be a Jason Bay.

TS: Is softball your favorite sport to play?

KR: Softball is most definitely my favorite sport to play. I do enjoy a good game of squash though.

TS: What other sports do you play?

KR: Squash and I sail.

TS: How time consuming is your softball career?

KR: During the summer it takes up to 20-30 hours a week. During the school year, I practice two hours a day and I work out for an hour afterwards usually.

TS: During the offseason, how do you keep in shape?

KR: I go to batting cages two-three times a week. I also work out with Langston, our wonderful athletic trainer. I go for runs and bike rides. I play squash, and I play in an indoor softball league in the winter.

TS: What inspired you to play softball?

KR: I had a gym teacher who in eighth grade told me girls cannot play baseball and I told him, “Yes I can.” I out pitched some of the boys. The softball coach was watching me and told me, “Even though you are good enough to play baseball, you have to come play softball on my team.”

TS: Was it hard switching from baseball to softball?

KR: It was at first because I threw very side arm. It was difficult because of the release points, but eventually it became easier.

TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, or family member on your softball career?

KR: Her name is Jean Connolly. She is my favorite coach. She coached my Junior Olympic baseball team last year. She is referred by my teammates as my other mother. My actual mother and father don’t come to all of my tournaments, but Jean is always there. She has been helping me play in tournaments and helped me pick out colleges. She went to Holy Cross too. Right now she has been helping me become the best player I can be so I can play at Holy Cross.

TS: What was/has been your favorite softball memory at Beaver?

KR: Hopefully I’ll get a new favorite with my new coach, Coach Collins, who I think is fantastic. I would have to say my favorite memory is during my freshmen year when the fields were all muddy and we practiced sliding and diving catches the whole practice. Then the next day I made a sliding catch and my coaches were so excited. That was my favorite memory; transferring the fun practice into an actual game situation. My second favorite was when I hit a home run last year that hit the back building at Brimmer and May. The Brimmer coach stopped the game to congratulate me. That was great!

TS: Do you see softball in your future in any way?

KR: Yes. I want to coach very badly. Also, I want to play for Holy Cross next year. I am trying out for the team. I need to bulk up a little bit, but I should be able to play for them. I definately am going to coach my old team with my current coach, so starting in two years.

TS: What do you predict your record will be at the end of the season?

KR: I hope a little over five hundred. I hope to be in the EIL tournament which we have not gone to in the past two years.

The Varsity Softball team looks foward to having a successful year. Best of luck to Rosenthal and the rest of the team this season!


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