Posted by: Staff | 05.19.2009

Heliconian Coffee House is a Huge Success


Geoff MayerTuesday of last week, The Heliconian held their second coffeehouse of the year. The line to get into the Rogers Room went out the front doors and extended into the hallway. Students chatted while waiting in line to fill their plates with the delicious food provided by the Heliconian crew: wraps, mini-quiches, and of course brownies and other desserts. When it came time to start, the room was so full that no more chairs were available, and some students and teachers had to stand on the sides of the room or find open space on the rug. I had never seen the coffee house so full, and neither had the Heliconian staff. Becka Felcon, next years’ Co-President of the Heliconian, said, “I noticed a significant change in how many people came to the second coffee house. A lot more people took part in it, whether it was reading or just there supporting.”

That’s exactly what the atmosphere was at the coffee house: supportive. Not only did the members of the Heliconian get up, such as Buzz Haverty and Geoff Mayer, to read their writing, many people who had never read their poetry in front of a crowd before decided to share their poetry, short stories, or whatever they pleased. Lily Moore and Kayla Mastermen were one of the many new comers to the coffee house. So many people chose to participate that the coffee house ran for about two hours, longer than its expected time.

Omari SpearsFor those who did not go, attend the next one for next school year. It is a fun way to share creative works with friends. The Heliconian hopes to raise attendance numbers even more next year. “I hope to see participation grow even more next year,” says Becka Felcon.


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