Posted by: Staff | 06.15.2009

Beaver Photosynth

Remember that sort of goofy 3D photo montage CNN had of Obama’s inauguration? Well, you, too can make your very own “photosynth” at

Here’s one we made of Beaver.

Click the links on the right to zoom around to different points of interest.



  1. love it! would be fun to do one that goes inside the buildings…next fall when everyone is back.

  2. Yes indeed, the possibilities are endless, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface. 🙂 Note that, somewhat remarkably, this is the 3rd most-viewed synth on this week. Hm. On the one hand, that’s too bad, because the rest of the site deserves a lot more traffic than it apparently gets. On the other hand, good for us!

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