Posted by: Staff | 07.05.2009

Beaver in The Boston Globe

Many of you probably saw Beaver (or even yourselves) featured in last Sunday’s Boston Globe article, “For prep schools, some challenging economic lessons.” An excerpt:

About 428 students are expected to attend Beaver next year – the same as this past year – primarily from Brookline, Wellesley, Newton, Boston, and Cambridge. Tuition will increase 5.5 percent, from $31,450 to $33,180, with about one-quarter of the school’s students receiving some financial aid.

Only 2 to 3 percent of Beaver’s operating budget comes from its endowment, so its 18 percent drop from $10.9 million to $8.9 million this fiscal year did not significantly alter budget forecasts, Hutton said.

The school also enjoyed good timing on a series of construction projects: an $8 million visual and performing arts center was completed in 2004 and a $7 million athletic facility in 2007. Both projects missed the economic meltdown, leaving Beaver Country Day presently free of major capital campaigns.

Check out the whole article for more on how Beaver and other local schools are faring (and a photo!). It’s always interesting to see the perspective of others looking in on your community from the outside.

What effect do you think the economic downturn has had on local schools?


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