Posted by: Staff | 10.15.2009

Can We Believe in Change?

Sophie Dietz ’11

One of Barack Obama’s tenets during his campaign for presidency was change. Recently, many people have been complaining that President Obama has not been changing anything despite his motto. Yes, it is true we have not seen change yet, but I believe change is on its way. Obama was not given a clean plate when he came into office; he has to first fix what President Bush left him before he is able to make the changes he promised his supporters. A lot is being expected of him, and it would be impossible to think that he could change everything within his first year in office.

During his campaign Obama had many issues he believed in, but the best example of Obama’s change, or lack thereof, is the issue of health care. The President believes that health care should become more affordable and available to a wide variety of Americans. This was one issue that many other Americans and I were hoping would change because many Americans are still uninsured; according to the National Coalition on Health Care, only 18 percent of Americans had health care in 2007. Obama has been dealing with many different opinions when it comes to health care. A lot of the people he is working with do not agree with his idea of universal health care; because of this opposition it has been hard for the President to change the health care system in America. In order to be a good leader, Obama has to take into account every opinion and make sure that his policy is the best for America. Also, like I said previously, we need to give the President more time to clean up what Bush left behind before we can start to see change.

Although we should be taking into account that it is still early in Obama’s presidency, Americans are starting to wonder when all those other issues the President wanted to change will be addressed. Just by listening to the radio or watching the news, we hear a lot of talk about what is going to be changed and what the President is hoping will happen, but we never actually see any progress. This causes Americans to wonder if all the things that we were promised during Obama’s campaign will come true. Again, it is still early in Obama’s presidency, and we can not put as much pressure and expectations on the President as we are. I am confident that over the next four years, Barack Obama will resolve all the issues he fought for in his campaign.


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