Posted by: Staff | 10.15.2009

“Medical School” for the Summer: BCDS students explore life at Beth Israel Hospital


beth israelThe summer is generally a time of relaxation: you’ve just gotten out of school and are ready for a little break from scholarly endeavors; however, five Beaver students, Emily Salfity ’10, Danielle Bynoe ’10, Vanessa Lecky ’10, Caroline Margolis ’10, and I, did just the opposite this summer and interned at the Beth Israel Hospital. There, we shadowed doctors and nurses, exploring the many different topics of medicine including broncology, internal medicine, cardiology, oncology, and neurology. We observed doctors performing different procedures, including endoscopies and cardiac catheterization, sat in on diagnostic sessions, and learned about human biology.

The days at the hospital were just as varied as the specialties of the doctors we followed. Some days we came in as early as 6:15 to see complex procedures. On others we came in as late as 3:00 for diagnostic meetings. This fluctuating schedule and variety of subjects always kept me on my toes and eager to put on my scrubs in the morning – yes we did have to wear scrubs to the hospital in order to learn more about how the hospital functions.

Not only did this internship serve as a productive use of summer, it also gave many students a window into possible career options. Emily Salifty ’10 says, “This experience was really useful to know what sort of nurse I want to be. The excitement of the ED (Emergency Department) and Orthopedics really interested me.”

Personally, my favorite ward we visited was the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, where doctors insert a catheter into the vein (vessel with blood traveling towards the heart) of a patient, and inject dye into the pathways of the heart so they can see if the heart is circulating blood properly. I enjoyed this procedure because the dye gave a clear depiction of the function of the heart, and the doctors observing explained to me the different arteries and veins I was seeing.

If you are interested in human biology and learning more about how a hospital works on a day to day basis, consider applying for this internship next summer. It’s a unique experience that puts you in the core of the hospital and the medical world, and gives you a taste of a career in the health care field even before most graduate students get to experience it.


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