Posted by: Staff | 10.15.2009

The Spoked B’s Are Back

Brett Duboff ’10

October is known as the biggest sports month for the MLB playoffs and the NFL season but not for me; I am more excited by the start of the NHL. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball and football the same amount as any die-hard Boston fan, but I have a soft spot for hockey. If you don’t know anything about the team, here is some basic information on the Bruins.

Last year, the Boston Bruins finished first in their conference. Unfortunately, the Bruins lost in the second round of the playoffs to the Carolina Hurricanes.  A hockey analyst would say that we lost because Carolina was on a hot streak at the time. Personally, I think we lost because we had too many young players who weren’t ready for a playoff run. The Bruins regular season success, however, can be attributed to the stellar play by their goaltender Tim Thomas and their gigantic defense-men Zdeno Chara. Both Players won awards for the year for their respective positions. Defense wasn’t the only thing that was driving them. The Bruins also had an amazing play-making forward, Marc Savard, who had 88 points last year which was the most on the team. For reference, last year, Evegeni Malkin lead the league in points with 113. The most popular Bruin player is Milan Lucic, not because he can score but mostly because he is known as the toughest player in the league for his fighting and his ability to check opponents like it’s his job (which it is). If these four Bruins do what they were doing last year then the Bruins are most likely going to the playoffs again this year.

Unfortunately, the Bruins lost one of their key players Phil Kessel in the off-season. Kessel was the leading scorer for the team but he is also known to be streaky. This means he would score in consecutive game and then he would, all of sudden, not be able to score at all. He was traded to a division rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs, for three future draft picks. A lot of the fans have said how good this trade was because the Bruins don’t need him and he was asking for too much money. I, however, think that this is a bad trade because Kessel would help us make the playoffs due to his speed and goal scoring abilities. Every year players improve a lot, and over time Kessel might not be as streaky of a player as he was in years past. What really makes this trade upsetting is that he was traded to a division rival. Hopefully, I am wrong and Kessel won’t perform well. If that ‘s the case then the Bruins will have a brighter future with three draft picks in return for a lousy goal scorer. I suppose we’ll have to see.

I think the Bruins will be first in the Eastern Conference again. The fan’s expectations for the team are high this year, and they believe that if the Bruins don’t make the conference finals, the season is a failure. I am a die-hard Bruins fan but I have a different opinion. I just hope we make the playoffs. In order to reach that goal, Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara, Marc Savard, and Milan Lucic must continue to do what they were doing last year. No matter what, our team is young, and it should be a fun season to watch the Bruins.


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