Posted by: Staff | 10.15.2009

Top 5 Youtube Videos of the Week


Watch this cute boy sing! With 10,034,121 views, it is already a sensation.

Have you ever had a conflict with your sibling? Or has your older brother ever bit your finger? If you watch this video, “Charlie Bit My Finger,” you’ll see a 1 year old child biting his older brother’s finger. The funny part in this video is that the brother is yelling for mercy in an English accent. Come on. You know you want to watch. 123,420,170 other YouTube viewers have.

In this funny clip we see the true thoughts of a child after a serious medical experience…not. This was such a funny video. I never saw that yell coming, and this kid was acting like he was in a dream when he asked if this was real life. I sympathize for the parents because everyone knows that a child can’t keep stitches in no matter how many times you tell them to keep there fingers away from the surgical wound, they don’t. This video currently has 30,783,000 views.

Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video is perhaps so popular because it appeals to so many different people. I’ve seen my own grandmother trying out some of her moves. That was scary. This video isn’t, but it’s really, really cute–a baby as a backup dancer. With 1,659,028 views this video is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation.

The struggles of the natural world. In the animal kingdom life is always a struggle and full of danger. Come take a look at how some animals don’t have what it takes! With only 10,925 views, this video needs a little help…just like this chubby puppy.


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