Posted by: Staff | 10.22.2009

Boys Varsity Thrills Crowd at Homecoming


Beaver Boys SoccerAfter last year’s disapointing homecoming loss to Concord where the winning goal was scored in the last thirty seconds of the game, the Boy’s Varsity soccer team was looking for revenge this homecoming. Having already played Concord earlier in the season, Beaver knew what to expect from their opponents when they took the field. Beaver came out with a lot of fire in the first ten minutes of the game and hit the cross bar on a beautiful strike by midfielder Oliver Hunt ‘11. As the half progressed, the game evened out, and Beaver lost a little momentum, going into the half knotted at zero to zero.

During half time, Beaver made some adjustments in their personnel, putting senior Mike Micheli at right back and moving junior Angelo Cabral to left midfield, hoping to create more offense. Coach Schechter made another uplifting speech that fueled the players to win the game not only for themselves but for “every player who has ever worn a Beaver soccer jersey.” For me, I wanted the win the game for Gabe Reich ’09 who had sent me a text message early Saturday morning reminding me of last year’s loss and the importance of this homecoming game.

Oliver HuntWith forty minutes left, Beaver took the field with every player wishing to score the winning goal. The beginning of the half was fairly even with very few scoring chances for either team. With fifteen minutes left, Oliver Hunt ’11, who had been playing a terrific game, suffered a leg injury in a collision with a Concord player and was taken out of the game. Suddenly, with five minutes left in the game, Jay Rodman ’12 centered the ball from the right side of the field with a lofty cross that Henry Moorhead ’10 headed in! The whole Beaver community went wild! The team was ecstatic but quickly collected themselves, preparing for the Concord counter attacked. The defense, anchored by Murray Hershkowitz ’10, protected keeper Colin Reed ’11 for the remaining minutes, and the team came away with their biggest win of the season 1-0 over Concord.

Beaver has now gone over two hundred minutes of play without conceding a goal. This is in major part due to a key change in formation and the amazing play by junior Charlie Jackson. The team had been playing a “flat four” defensively, which was new to the team, but switched to a diamond in the back half way through their first Concord game where they battled back from a first half 3-0 deficit to tie 3-3. Charlie Jackson has been a presence in the back field, especially on set pieces. He does a wonderful job of heading the ball out of the defensive zone.

After such a momentous win, the team has set their goals high and is shooting for an EIL title.



  1. Kudos to the boys varsity soccer team for their heart and determination. I thoroughly enjoy watching them play because you can see with each game improvement in teamwork and understanding the system. As a fan- we may not always see thrilling victories- but you can be guaranteed a show of 100% effort! Keep it up.

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