Posted by: Staff | 10.22.2009

Patriots Roll Past Terrible Titans: 59-0


Titans Patriots FootballThe Patriots played the not-so-mighty-mighty Titans this past sunday, and put simply, the Patriots thrashed the Titans. Be it the snow or not, the Titans did not know what was coming. While the first quarter was fairly standard, during the second quarter the Patriots really opened the game up. In the second quarter, QB Tom Brady threw five- yes, count them- five touchdowns the most since before the creation of the NFL. In two quarters of play, Brady threw for a career best tying a total of six touchdown passes and completed 29-34 passes for 380 yards. The Pats netted a total of 619 yards in the game, with outstanding performances by WR Wes Welker (150 yards, 2 touchdowns) and WR Randy Moss (129 yards, 3 touchdowns). Another big performance came from RB Laurence Maroney who on 16 rushing attempts had 123 yards and a touchdown.

Titans Patriots FootballWhile it remains questionable whether the Titans offense was horrible (which it is) or the New England defense played very well (which it did), nonetheless, this game was a complete shut-out, in every respect of the word. The Titans never had a chance to get their offense going, with a total passing yardage equaling a hefty negative 7 yards. Instead, the Titans chose to punt six times, throw two interceptions and lose 3 fumbled balls. Final score of the game: 59-0 with the victory clearly going to the New England Patriots.

What is in store for the Patriots next week? A game in London against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6). Lets hope our Patriots show the British a similar dominating performance against another  defeated team.


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