Posted by: Staff | 10.26.2009

My. Bryant


Many don’t really know who he is, considering he is new to Beaver, but soon enough, everyone will. He was born in Germany but raised here in Boston, Mr. Bryant comes to Beaver with an open mind and ready to leave his mark. Some little facts abou him are that he attended Boston Latin Academy and Brown University in Rhode Island. He has a list of many achievements that include placement on the Ebony Magazine’s Top 100 High School Scholars list, becoming a state finalist in a Shakespeare Oratory competition, and being named a “FOX 25 Globe Scholastic Player.”

He has three children, two boys, ages 8 and 6, and a girl age 3.

Mr. Bryant was not always on the path of becoming a teacher; he went on to college to study law, but during his senior year at Brown, he started working with high school kids and developed an affinity for teaching. He has always shared a passion for history, so why not put the two together and become a history teacher!

Mr. Bryant seems to enjoy himself at Beaver as I could easily tell from the smile on his face when I asked him about Beaver. He enjoys the progressive nature that Beaver entails as well as the open classroom discussions, which allow the teacher and students to learn and understand the concepts. When I asked Mr. Bryant about his teaching styles, he suggested that I look to some of his students for answers. Juniors Julia Cohen and Gabby Venuto were both in the classroom briefly snickering as I turned to them for these answers. Julia Cohen said, “ He is a very good teacher, and I think his teaching styles are effective for the classroom. I have learned a lot through his class in these first weeks of school.”

Another student, Gabby Venuto, said, “ He has a lot of information to share. He’s reliable for extra help, and I am always able to go to him whenever I need it. With his teaching style, a lot of Beaver students will be able to benefit from his class”. Since many Beaver students already enjoy his class, sounds like Mr. Bryant is a keeper! Best of all, he’s reliable!

During the interview, Beaver was not the only topic discussed. I also learned about more than just his professional career. I learned some very interesting things about Mr. Bryant that may surprise many. It’s not that he was a walk-on starter for the Brown basketball team, or that he doesn’t like improper speaking. It was that during his college days, he was in a student choreographed dance group! You know, the kind that does the step 1-2-3-4, kick, step-step. This little detail surprised me but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect from him.

So if you’re one of his students, or if you’re not, you can always stop by and say hi. If you’re bold, you can show him a few of your dance moves and see if he likes them!



  1. What classes does Mr Bryant teach?

  2. He teaches history.

  3. Did you know he taught at Belmont Hill before Beaver? Traitor.

  4. Mr. Bryant is actually much happier at Beaver than Belmont Hill, for good reason. BCDS teaches for college and creativity, BH teaches for harvard and uniformity.

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