Posted by: Staff | 10.26.2009

Perez Hilton vs. OceanUp


As many people know, there are various ways of being updated on recent events in Hollywood: E! Online, Access Hollywood, or TMZ. Two of the most famous, or infamous, websites are and While they both cover rumors and gossip surrounding celebrities, they are very different.

 The gossip, facts, and events on OceanUp are mostly built and gathered by the fans. There are pictures of “meet and greets” where fans can met celebrities after concerts or even at a hotel. The fans can then comment on what the experience was like, what the celebrity is like in person, and what happened when they met. OceanUp also covers celebrity Twitter updates that seem interesting. There are headlines on OceanUp that feature new up and coming topics as well as “breaking news.” There is a large range of headlines on OceanUp; however, there isn’t always much in the way of explanations. Usually the details come from celebrity quotes, Twitter updates, and responses from the fans.  It’s a site mainly used to just post the reports and seek out other interested fans to discuss on the website for them.
Perez Hilton is quite different. This website is made by a single man named, of course, Perez Hilton! Hilton is the one that posts the news, pictures, updates, and everything else on the site. On each report, he explains what the “dirty details” of the rumor are. Some include what goes on with the popular reality TV stars like Jon and Kate Gosselin and their legal matters or even the Kardashians and their family matters. Although it does not stop at reality TV. He will talk about music, politics, and all actors as long as they have some juicy gossip in their lives. He then will state his opinion concerning the rumor. It is clear that Hilton is not afraid to say exactly what is on his mind. Whether he believes that the situation is a positive or negative thing, he will make obvious comments based on his perspective. Although, I will address a warning, Perez Hilton will say whatever he wants, and sometimes what he wants to say, can be somewhat explicit. He does use a few swears here and there, so just be aware of that. Many times what Perez Hilton has to say, however, can be found quite interesting. He has such an original personality! Hilton is also known for giving nicknames to celebrities such as the “Jonai” for the Jonas Brothers.
Personally, I enjoy Perez Hilton slightly more. He has a strange sense of humor that can sometimes portray the truth behind scandals. He also can and will say things that other people don’t want to say but are thinking. The Perez Hilton website is updated many times a day, which I like. With that, I can be one of the first to know about every rumor right as it happens. Or shortly thereafter! Plus, reading such honest and truthful opinions is always an interesting way to gain a different perspective. However, if I am in the mood for reading a quick Twitter update from a celebrity, a good youtube post, or a fan response, OceanUp is where I like to look!

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