Posted by: Staff | 10.29.2009

Fish Facts: Sharks


Sharks are one of the few animals that haven’t evolved a lot overtime because they are so well adapted.  Sharks are very different from fish. First of all, sharks don’t have lungs.  Instead, they breathe oxygen out of the water and filter it into their blood stream.  Unlike fish, sharks depend on smell to survive in the water. They smell food by sensing the concentration of the water, and if it has a very concentrated smell then the shark can easily locate food.  Sharks teeth are set up in many rows and are always falling out and regenerating. 

Sharks use electroreception, which is the ability to sense electric fields and currents like the ampullae of lorenzini. This is more commonly found in sharks than fish.  Sharks have little taste buds in their mouths, which are used to tell if food is edible or not. Sharks explore the ocean floor by sweeping their nose or jaw against the ground.  Sharks locate long distant objects by using the lateral line system, which is good for schooling, avoiding predators, maintaining balance, and detecting sounds. Sharks don’t have amazing hearing because their ears are attached to the outside of their head.  Sharks eyes are no better than fish eyes;  they can’t see very well at night, and most sharks can’t even close their eyes.  Instead of closing their eyes, they have a third eyelid, which protects their eyes when they attack their prey.

 A sharks body is made up of cartilage and cannot stop swimming unless they have a special gill. Sharks must let the ocean water go through their body to make themselves saltier than their environment. The White Shark is rapidly declining and is soon to be extinct because they are reproducing very slowly. Sharks do internally fertilize; they are big when they are born and very insensitive.



  1. Almost everything in this article is false….good try 🙂

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