Posted by: Staff | 10.29.2009

Sophie Ali ’83 returns to Beaver talking about her new show “The Magic Tent”


magic tent 1Generally, one would not expect a Beaver alum to produce an educational children’s show targeted to South Central Asia; however, Sophie Ali, class of ’83, is doing just that with her new show “The Magic Tent.” She decided to share her story with current Beaver students last Tuesday.

Ali began with how she became interested in the media business: working as a production assistant to several low budget movies. This opened doors to more movie and television producing opportunities. However, after spending several years in the movie scene in California, she made the decision to do something more meaningful with her life, setting her sights on Palestine’s lack of childrens programming.

Sophie Ali also addressed the difficulties of producing a show aimed toward reaching children in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. There are huge political and religious differences between these areas, and she had to be careful about what the characters looked like, where the show took place, and what themes the show would discuss. Ali and the other creators of the show came up with the idea of a magic tent that flew from area to area, so as to prevent the tent from being associated with just one region. The tent would be a home for the characters of the show, all of whom are animals, which prevents conflict over the appearance of the characters.

The Magic TentThough these ideas solved the first problems facing the creation of the show, there are more problems that are more difficult to solve, such as the opposition of several groups to this show. But when asked about groups such as the Taliban, Ali said, “Who cares what they think? They are always going to have an opinion.” She said she plans to move forward with this project, as it will be the one of the only educational children’s shows in the area of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. She says, “…children have to learn how to think for themselves and be given permission to ask questions, which is not something they learn in school.”

To see a teaser for this show, go to



  1. Good article. Maybe Ms Ali’s visit will change your general expectation of what Beaver alums can and are doing with their lives — anything is possible! 🙂

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