Posted by: Staff | 11.02.2009

Seniors Spook Beaver During Annual Halloween Parade



Alex Strawbridge and Mariah Shore as Tarzan and Jane

People were not only excited for October 30th because it happened to be a Friday, but because they were anxiously waiting the annual Senior Halloween Parade. This year started off with the Harry Potter Puppet Pals, followed by the Blue Man Group. Both received lots of cheers and laughter; I was really impressed with one of the blue men, Jeff Weinman, who caught five consecutive marshmallows in his mouth.

The most surprising act, by far, was the “Four Average Teens.” Three turned out to be power rangers, and the last, Willy Tucker, pulled a tall hat out of his hood to reveal a Cat in the Hat costume, then proceeded to juggle.

Many acts were based off of real events: Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Mr. Bau and Ms. Roberts, and Chris Quinn and Christina Volcy. For those who were confused by the Chris and Christina one, mainly freshman and a few sophomores, I advise you go to either a senior or junior and ask for the whole story. I was a bit confused with the repetition of Cat and the Hat and the Potter Puppet Pals, but my guess is that groups might have been too secretive about their acts and didn’t realize another group had the same plans (or so thats what I heard).

where the wild things were

Aleah Stewart-Souris, Diallo Spears, and Murray Hershkawitz as Where the Wild Things Are

The act which received the biggest laughs and applause was “Single Ladies.” Gus Polstein took the stage, joining Emma Marshal and Hayley Tuckett, in Beyonce’s legendary song and dance. For those of us who watch Glee, we instantly made the connection between Gus and Kurt, a character on the show, even though no real evidence supported it (but we still think it was intentional!).

No doubt this Parade had a lasting impression; I kept hearing people talk about it throughout the day, and they probably still will be when school resumes on Monday.


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