Posted by: Staff | 11.02.2009

The Good Woman of Setzuan Preview


Beaver’s theater department is kicking the year off with this year’s fall play: The Good Woman of Setzuan. The Good Woman of Setzuan is the story of a kind young woman who is too charitable for her own well being, and must retain her goodness while proving herself to the gods. The play is a drama with comedic moments. The cast is very enthusiastic about the show; while not an ensemble play, it has many sizable roles to go around.

To get an idea of what kind of play The Good Woman Of Setzuan is going to be I interviewed a few cast members on their characters and the script itself.

Omari Spears ’12:

Q: Who do you play in the production?

A: I play Yang Sun who wants to be a pilot, and he is the son of Ms Yang (played by Emmy Kupershmid)

Q: What excites you most about your role?

A: Well it’s a really fun role since the character is nothing like me, and it’s kinda a challenge. It’s a really fun role to have and… (thinks for a moment) I get to be in a lot of fun scenes, and my character is a really high energy guy.

Raven Rankine ’12:

Q: Who is your character in the play?

A: My character is Ms. Mit Tzu. I am the landlady for a tobacco shop in the play. My character is really interesting; she is really old, yet very flirty. She is of a higher class in the play and looks down upon the “Riff-Raff.”

Q: What excites you most about your role?

A: My character is somewhat like me, and sometimes when I play the role I feel a bit like myself and yet sometimes I feel like a completely different person because I have never been under the huge amount of responsibility that I have in this play. It’s exciting to switch between different personalities in certain scenes, and also I get be a really flirty character.

Ally Sass ’11:

Q:Who do you play in the production?

A: I play Ms Shin. Ms Shin owned the shop before Shen Te and is very cheap with money and wants all the money for herself, and kinda all she cares about is money. She doesn’t have a husband and isn’t really the nicest person in the world. She doesn’t take time to really hear people’s opinions and the only opinion she really cares about is her own, and she loves to gossip.

Q: What excites you most about your role?

A: It’s always fun to play a kinda mean person; she is very powerful, and she is very different from me…She will say what she means even if it hurts someone’s feelings. She loves to gossip and talk about other people, which isn’t too different from me. Also she has a lot of power over other people. It’s fun to exaggerate the way she talks. She speaks very dramatically and likes to appear more intellectual than she actually is.

Q: What do you like about the script/story?

A: It’s really hard to explain I like the whole gender thing. When she plays a prostitute, she is very kind and no one pays any attention to her, yet when she takes on her alter ego Shui Ta, she bosses people around and gets respect. The characters are all big and obnoxious, and everything they do is at the extreme and very exaggerated in an interesting way.

The Good Woman Of Setzuan premiers in the Black Box Theater this Thursday the 5th and  Friday the 6th at 7:30-9:30. There will also be a showing Saturday the 7th at  2:30-4:30 in the afternoon.


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