Posted by: Staff | 11.05.2009

La Moustache Review


DES: La Moustache is an interesting and exotic movie. It is totally different from your typical American movie like Transformers.

We watched this French film a few weeks ago with subtitles. The movie is more artistic than a normal story driven film. The movie has an indie feel and revolves around the reaction of Marc’s friends and family (mostly his wife’s) to the fact that he has shaved his mustache.

At times the movie can be boring, but the acting carries it over. Marc shaves his mustache, and the film then mainly focuses around how his family and friends ignore it and act like he never had one, which drives everyone in the movie a little crazy…and maybe even you.

The movie seemed to be building up to a cool ending, but what we saw was very disappointing and weird. It really wasn’t even an ending; it was just a collection of confusing scenes that ended an obtuse, seemingly never-ending movie. It ended abruptly and felt like the filmmaker chopped it together to end his run-on movie.

If you know someone who likes this movie…they have horrible taste in movies and should see something that makes sense and actually relied on an understandable story arc. I mean really “Gossip Girl” actually makes more sense than this.

I’m telling you, if you want to see it, see it. However, at the end you’ll either be asleep or want to be. All and all this movie wasn’t for me, but if you are into independent, weirder films it might be for you.

MIA: Desmond’s review really hits the nail on the head. Although I do not completely agree with the way he ends his review, for the most part, his review mimics my feelings. The movie was definitely geared towards more exotic, indie types of people.

The movie has a bit of confusion etched into it by the dreary, somewhat chaotic story line. Despite all this I liked the movie at times, and at other points I felt indifferent. I do agree with Desmond on the part where he says that everyone is going crazy while watching this movie…and maybe even you are. While watching this film you feel like you can empathize with Marc because you can feel his emotions.

This movie deals a lot with the brutal fact that you can lose your identity in a matter of seconds. When Marc shaves his mustache, no one remembers him with it. As more and more people seem to think he never had a mustache, Marc slowly begins to lose himself, and this is what makes up the vast majority of the plot.

All in all I think that besides the ending of the movie, I enjoyed it to a certain extent. After seeing it for the first time, it left me very confused, but after the second time, it got a little boring.

I think the main message here is that even though you might not think you enjoy these types of movies, you might like it if you watch it and get into it. You should try watching movies that aren’t as mainstream to get the feel for different aspects of culture, instead of just staying within one genre.

On a side note, if you have a Netflix movie account, you can watch this movie instantly on your queue.


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