Posted by: Staff | 11.05.2009

The Lovely New Changes in the Cafeteria


Sniff! Sniff! The cafeteria on Monday morning smelt like burnt bagels. A warm cozy thickness of air hugged my cold body as I entered the newly modified cafeteria. For as long I have been at Beaver, the cafeteria has had a certain look. The ice box full of heavenly tasting ice cream was located directly to the right as one walked in. The metallic buffet style stands were always directly to the right of the entrance. Staring back at whoever stood at the two heavy cafeteria doors, the student body was there, eating, talking, and enjoying the sense of home provided by Beaver’s little dining hall. To many students, the dining hall was one way and was always going to be a certain way. As of last Monday, the dining hall took on a new look. There was no longer that sense of comfort and home; it was more of a feeling that can only be described as “change.” It was like walking into your house and seeing your sofa on the other side of the living room.

Change is good, but in many cases it can take a while getting used to it. The new look of the cafeteria is great. Sophisticated, black countertop buffet stands complement the black chairs. The new arrangement of tables gives the Beaver dining hall a bigger and more spacious look. The aggravating traffic jams before lunches are no longer as clogged as they have been in the past. It’s a quick wait, and in a short time, one can sit and enjoy the tasty meal prepared by the kitchen staff.

The one new acquirement that may not take long getting used to is the explosion over taste buds provided by the citrus peach juice. Even a description of fireworks of citrus flavor and rivers of tasty peach inundating the taste buds of one’s mouth does it no justice. If you’re having a rough day, delight yourself to the best juice in Beaver history. It can surely cheer you up. Next time you walk over to the juice machines, consider picking this new citrus peach juice over the usual OJ or apple juice we all love. This new edition to our juice selection can quickly become unanimously loved by the entire school.


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