Posted by: Staff | 11.12.2009

The Beaver Mash-up: Where are We Now?


The new and improved version of the Beaver website has just come out with an amazing new program we’ve all come to love known as the Beaver Mash-Up. The new features went beyond the previously conceived notions about the site in the arts department, dominated in the online discussion arena, and it’s quickly working its way throughout all sorts of other topics.

The Beaver Mash-Up was created to have a place where students could really have their work put out there. It houses some of the larger projects coming out of the arts building and interesting additions to the site coming from everywhere else. So far, the Beaver Mash-Up has had multiple photo galleries not only on some new and exciting projects, such as “The Art from Recycled Books”1, but it also holds onto some fond memories from last years graduation. It’s those kinds of features that really bring this new item to prominence.

It is a site that can talk to people on the inside (Students or Faculty) or the outside (Applicants or the Parents). It was initially made to showcase a student’s work so that he or she could receive recognition for extraordinary accomplishments. But it has become much more: Now, it isn’t just a place for recognition, it is a representation of the school. The Beaver Mash-Up can tell someone that our students have got some skills, which is good for a resume, a college application, or just going on Google and searching someone that you know, and finding out that they DO have something cool on the internet.

The Beaver Mash-Up can tell someone on the outside something good too. If you are trying to figure out what high school to apply to, what better way to find some info than seeing it from the students themselves!

As the creator of the, Mr. Clobridge said, “The site is just off the ground, but this is already a beneficial site for the students and the new parents. We now cover only a few key area’s, but we are looking to grow in the next few years…”

So the site is here, and it’s ready to go. It’s a place for the amusement of the reader/watcher, but also a place where you can learn a great deal of information just by checking it out. The Beaver Mash-Up is hitting the ground running and ready to go.

On a brief side-note, the project that was mentioned earlier known as “the Art from Recycled Books” was where 3-D art was made from old, unusable books were saved from to trash compactor, and cut into artful shreds instead. But these aren’t your ordinary shreds, some stand a few feet off the ground! Some were modeled to look like a veritable house of cards, while others look like the old fashioned 3-D picture books. It is Beaver’s own unique art, and you won’t see it better that right here, right now.


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