Posted by: Staff | 11.12.2009

Top 10 Mash Up Artists: PART 2


Here are the next five artists that I consider to be, “the cream of the crop.” You can’t go wrong with any of them, but in the end, just like in The Highlander, “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!”

#5: E-603

E-603 is the most consistently good masher I know of. All of his remixes are quality because of their catchy beats. There is a down side to E-603: hardly any of his mash ups are amazingly spectacular. He has two albums, Something For Everyone and Torn Up, and both are solid. Torn Up is significantly longer than Something For Everyone, and without its release last summer, E-603 would not have made the Top 5. Like many of these other artists, E-603 incorporates music from all different genres and time periods; my favorite remix is his Wheatus’s “Teenage Dirtbag” with Swizz Beatz’s “My Drink n My 2 step.” One thing to note about E-603 is that his albums are essentially one continuous song, and this distances him from a lot of other DJs. Though he clearly isn’t the best, E-603 represents New Hampshire extremely well. You can get all of his work for free at

#4: Milkman

Last spring, Sam Freeman ’09 introduced me to Milkman. Milkman sure is sweet. He has two albums: Lactose and THC and Circle of Fifths. Though Lactose and THC is definitely a fun album to listen to, Circle of Fifths is significantly better. Freeman strongly feels that Milkman is the best mash up artist, but I have to disagree. Don’t get me wrong, Milkman is very talented, but he uses a lot of the same artists. More than once in his album does he sample Lil’ Wayne, which sounds pleasing but doesn’t add anything new to the songs. Also, Milkman’s albums are not one continuous song, and, to me, this is not as impressive. Not having the album one continuous song allows Milkman to vary the style of song he has in his album. “Heart to Heart” is very slow and sweet while “Put in Work” is more suited for a rave. Milkman is a must for your iPod. You can get his first album Lactose and THC on his website:

#3: Super Mash Bros.

On my community service trip this summer, I was talking with my friend Emily from LA about mash up artists. I mentioned Super Mash Bros., and her eyes lit up. She told me that the two kids behind Super Mash Bros. go to her school, and, of course, she has met them in person. Small world. Super Mash Bros. is awesome. A lot of really cool mash ups including one with Tenacious D’s “Tribute,” Tupac’s “Changes,” and Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.” Their second album, All About the Scrillions, is perfect to drive to. It starts with a heart pumping remix of “Right Now” by Van Halen and “Wamp Wamp” by Clipse. Though some people would have put them at the top of this list, Super Mash Bros do have a few minor flaws in their work. First off, their music is not continuous, and that is a little disappointing to me, especially because it seems that they are talented enough to make their album that way. Some points in their albums do not flow fluidly and certainly are distracting and reduce the quality of the music. You can download Super Mash Bros at

#2: Easter Egg

Easter Egg is spectacular. For such a childish name, he really produces some of the best remixes out of all the artists. For many, he is placed under the overwhelming shadow of the Hood Internet, Milkman, and Super Mash Bros, but I’ve always loved him. His first album, Jackin’ For Beats, is a monster album. It has twenty eight songs and goes for more than a full album, and that length is even longer than Girl Talk’s album. My favorite Easter Egg remixes have to be one with the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song and “Int’l Players Anthem” by UGK feat. Outkast, and another combining “My Mustache” by Party Time 2000 with “Heaven is a Place” by Belinda Carlise. One thing that sets Easter Egg apart from the rest of these artists is his album Club Crooks X East Infection (Block Party Promo), which is more of a techno album. I really enjoy that album and always want to dance to it. It starts really slow but picks up as the album progresses. You can download Easter Egg at:



#1: Girl Talk

Hopefully everyone, from your best friend to your grandfather, knows who Girl Talk is: the King of Mash Ups. He was my first mash up artists and is easily my favorite. One day in ninth grade, I heard this amazing music coming from my brother’s room, and I sprinted to his room iPod in hand and quickly downloaded Girl Talk from his computer. I’ve listened to Girl Talk’s two albums a combined 250 times! His three albums are both lengthy and high quality. At the end of his second album Night Ripper, his remix of Paul McCartney and 2 Live Crew brings me to tears with its beauty. I have also seen Girl Talk in concert and have heard many stories of how Gregg Gillis, the man behind Girl Talk, is one chill dude. If there is any mash up artists you should get from this album, it is most definitely Girl Talk:

On a side note, after doing research for this article I have actually discovered more and more remixers. Truly the best aspect of this genre of music is that you can just stumble upon a new mash up artists on Google.  As more kids continue to learn how to sample music, the number of mash up artists will proliferate. I really encourage everyone to look up these artists, and if you’re brave enough, try to learn how to make a mash up.


  1. you forgot KnoxBox, DJ Phillinstine, and The White Panda. They are some quality mashup artists

  2. What song by super mash bros has tribute, hollaback girl and changes?

  3. E-603 # 5 ? i think it should be..

    #5 milkman
    #4 Smb
    #3 E-603
    #2 Easter Egg
    #1 Girl Talk

    just my opinion

  4. TRV$DJAM is sick too

  5. Does no one like the legion of doom?! They’re my first and favorite.

  6. Expensive Tibet!

  7. Where the hell is 5 & A Dime on this list?! He is putting out more music than all of them AND has mashes that everyone can dance to. You need to update this list with White Panda as well!

  8. yeah white panada has some awesome mashes as well

  9. Ever heard BRUNEAUX? If you haven’t than shame on you and this would render your list very invalid…just listen to him! His mixes are insane! He can mix virtually anything and make is work!

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