Posted by: Staff | 12.07.2009

Rob MacDonald Tapped to Join Cast of Gossip Girl


It was only a matter of time: Beaver teacher Rob MacDonald has been discovered. The school’s resident Renaissance man has scored a role on Gossip Girl, the popular television series on The CW. In a coincidence straight out of the show’s own playbook, Mr. MacDonald caught the eye of a Hollywood talent scout when he attended a Monsters of Folk concert at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston earlier this month.

When Gossip Girl begins shooting its fourth season next year, Mr. MacDonald will step into a supporting part as Eliot Finch, a professor of English literature at New York University.

“Rob’s retro-hipster style and intellectual aura are exactly what the writers envisioned for the Professor Finch character. When we discovered he’s a teacher and a poet in real life — well, that sealed the deal,” the casting agent said. “He even carries the same messenger bag that Dan Humphrey does on the show!”

“I don’t have any acting experience,” Mr. MacDonald confessed, “but they said it wouldn’t matter since they’re not trying to make the show believable, or even consistent with the Gossip Girl books. Or, so I’m told. I haven’t actually read them yet, but I will. Soon.”

“The producers said I wouldn’t have to shave, or tuck in my shirt,” explained Mr. MacDonald. “And it’s in my contract that the kraft service table on the set will always have peanut butter on white bread,” he added.

In next season’s story arc, Professor Finch teaches a sought-after creative writing seminar at N.Y.U., “Fast Fiction for Fast Kids,” which attracts aspiring writer Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), brainy mean girl Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and spunky bohemian Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr). Auditing Professor Finch’s class is dizzy socialite Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), who has deferred matriculation at Brown University for a second year to continue her frenemy rivalry with Blair on the Manhattan party circuit. Serena’s decision not to exile herself to Providence, and Brown’s continued patience with her indecision and Paris Hilton-like shenanigans, surprises no one but her wealthy, serial-marrying mother, Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey (played with a Botoxed lack of affect by Kelly Rutherford).

The writers’ choice to depict the characters actually attending class in their sophomore year of college is a bold one, and casting the “right” type of actor in the professor’s role was absolutely critical, according to Gossip Girl’s creator Josh Schwartz. Actor Matthew Settle who plays Rufus Humphrey, arty rocker-turned-Park Avenue house husband, is reportedly wary of having a new cast member whose soulful vibe rivals his.

“Professor Finch has to be hip enough that these kids will fight to sign up for his course, and engaging enough as a teacher that they’ll actually show up to class,” said Schwartz. “But, of course, he can’t assign them too much homework, or they won’t be able keep up their busy extracurricular lives. It’s tricky balancing high GPAs and high Nielsen ratings.”

“Yup, it’s a fine line,” Mr. MacDonald agreed. “But after eleven years at Beaver, I’ve seen it all.”

Mr. MacDonald also hopes to introduce the show’s producers to some of obscure indie bands he follows.

Beaver students worried about missing out on Mr. MacDonald’s classes next year will be relieved to know that he intends to maintain his full teaching load by using Skype and other Web 2.0 apps while on location with the show. “It’s just another plus of our being a 1:1 laptop school — teachers are no longer locked into an 8 to 5 schedule in Chestnut Hill,” he observed.

Mr. MacDonald’s math faculty colleague Joe Christy will sub as department chair. “I still have the wig and glasses I wore for Halloween, so it’ll be a seamless transition,” Mr. Christy promised.

Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the epic lives of Chestnut Hill’s elite. 

Better keep a close eye on S and B, Professor Finch. They’re pretty well versed in ‘fast fiction’ — you don’t know what kind of trouble those two will get into if you let them use their laptops in class! Oh, and Dan already had a story published in “The New Yorker” — so careful not to crush his fragile Brooklyn ego.

You know you love me! xoxo Gossip Girl



  1. is this actually true?

  2. WHAT?? HOW??

  3. OK, I’m really hoping this is true, haha… but it’s tagged “literature,” soo….

  4. You have to introduce me to Chuck Bass.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with hannah…. but I would first like to know if this is true, before I get my hopes up.

  6. Two truths and a lie?

  7. Wait, is this really true?! I have my doubts considering he said he’s going to be teaching using Skype…

  8. When I told him congratulations today, he chuckled and turned his head. No comment.

    Teaching on Skype? Might as well stay home and take class in my bed.

    Probably not true.

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