Posted by: Staff | 01.04.2010

A Look Into the Celtic’s Locker Room


The Boston Celtics acquired point guard Rajon Rondo in the 2006- 2007 season. The pickup of this young, talented, inexperienced player came out into the spotlight by the acquisition of two veteran stars, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. Through his first season, the 6 foot 1 inch point guard from Kentucky only averaged 6.4 points per game, and played 23.5 minutes per game. In his 2nd season with the Celtics, Rondo improved immensely, averaging 10.6 points per game, playing 29.9 minutes. Last Season, Rajon Rondo averaged 11.9 points per game playing 33 minutes a game.

As Rondo developed, he began to attract fans from all over. The fans liked Rondo because he began putting up points, as well as mesh well with the big three, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo is one of those players that steps his play up when he needs too. Calling the shots is not easy, and this kid does it with ease, as well as confidence, maybe a little too much confidence.

 After the Celtics got knocked out of the playoffs, the Boston Celtics general management put their young star on a trading block. This spawned a lot of gossip over the summer. Why would they do that to a key player, one of the key players who helped bring a title to Boston? It’s not because of his talent, at all. Danny Ainge, the Boston Celtics general manager, was not excited to re-sign him for this current season. “We expect [Rondo] to play by the rules and be a leader as a point guard. We need him to be more of a leader,” Ainge stated. “There were just a couple situations where he was late this year, I don’t know if he was sitting in his car, but showed up late and the rest of the team was there. We have team rules and you have to be on time. He was fined for being late, he said he was stuck in traffic, and it’s just unacceptable.” Aigne also said that Rondo wasn’t “that disruptive as a player,” but Rondo still is maturing. ESPN issued a report that said Celtic’s coach Doc Rivers called Rajon “stubborn” and “impossible to coach”.

 Eventually the Boston Celtics did sign Rondo with an extension deal. Rondo is currently getting paid $2,094,923 a year. The Celtics feel that Rajon is still maturing, considering he is only 23 years old, and should become a talented player.



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