Posted by: Staff | 01.07.2010

B.I.T.E.S. is Here to Help With Google Docs and Beyond!

We know, Google Docs can be a little frustrating. Though it definitely is a resourceful tool, it may not be the perfect application for word processing. Don’t fret because there are other alternatives that you can use on your computer that work just as well if not better than Google Docs.


Google Docs is very good for collaborative work. Because it is synced with our Beaver emails, it makes sharing documents and presentations with teachers and classmates super easy. This is probably the best feature of Google Docs.

Because Google Docs is always online, you can access your documents from any computer with Internet access in the world. You can even work on a Google Doc offline.



Open Office is great because of its added bonus features. Open Office, like Word, isn’t just a word processing file but also an Excel, a graphing calculator, and a poster maker. The word processor is pretty much the exact same thing as Word. Other benefits to Open Office include: adding fun backgrounds to your work and it is free. Another awesome thing about it is when you’re writing a paper on World War 1, for example, when you start typing World War 1, Open Office will automatically recognize the word (World War 1) and will type it for you! It’s great so you don’t have to keep repeating the same word over and over again.


Buzzword is another word processing solution created by Adobe that allows you to create, share, and edit that is similar to Google docs. It allows authors to collaborate with each other on papers, poems, etc. After connecting with another user on Buzzword, when they share their work with you, you will be able to see when they update it or send you something new through email notifications. Buzzword is very good for collaborative work because it shows all the different edits and comments your collaborators leave for you.



  1. What about Microsoft Office? 🙂

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