Posted by: Staff | 01.11.2010

Sherlock Holmes Is Anything but Elementary


Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie, is set in 18th century London, as the Industrial Revolution begins to make its way into the everyday life of city dwellers, as evidenced by the smoky look to the streets throughout the movie. The film begins in a pursuit: Watson (Jude Law) with a team of police and Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) pursuing alone, both heading to stop a sacrificial ritual before it’s too late. The practitioner is revealed to be Lord Blackwood, a character claiming to have black magic, which gives him powers beyond comprehension. He is arrested and hanged.

However, when witnesses claim they have seen Blackwood “rise from the grave,” Holmes’ curiosity is spiked. Obviously too logical to settle for Blackwood’s explanation of Black Magic, Holmes and Watson try to stop Blackwood from committing more crimes but also try to discover the methods behind his acclaimed to black magic.

Though this movie does deliver in its action, through several engaging fight scenes between Holmes, Watson, and whomever Blackwood has working for him, it has a prominent cerebral element to it, necessary for any Holmes film. Even in action scenes, the audience sees Holmes plan out his attack in slow motion, considering every detail with intelligence before carrying out his strike. This not only make the scene more interesting to watch, but it shows a different, more careful side of Holmes, something not explored in the rest of film.

In fact, many people would consider Sherlock Holmes a complete mess; he lives in a clutter apartment, does not seem to have grasped the concept of shaving just yet, and is completely reliant on his friend Watson. Despite these flaws, Sherlock has a charm about him, with a quick wit and cockiness that Robert Downey Jr. seems to bring to many of his roles. His antics are humorous in the film, but when analysis from a psychological point of view, Sherlock Holmes is quite disturbed.

Though the film has received mixed reviews, I loved it. The script was clever, the characters interesting, and the plot mysterious enough to keep me engrossed throughout the entire film. All of the characters have good chemistry together, especially Holmes and Watson, that keeps the audience entertained. I highly recommend this film!



  1. I just saw Sherlock Holmes. It was pretty sweet. I recommend it. It isn’t the best movie ever, but it will be a great movie to watch parts of on TNT or FX on a school night.

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