Posted by: Staff | 01.14.2010

Patriots Drop the Ball: So much for a playoff run


When your second first-down comes after the other team has scored two touchdowns, you know it is going to be a long afternoon. And, unfortunately, it was. A mess of fumbles, sacs, and interceptions left Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots stumbling to the sideline, questioning their ability to score a touchdown only in the first four minutes of the game. Maybe it was Belichick’s pom-pom on the top of his hat, or Welker’s torn ACL that forced him out of the game last week. Maybe it was the double coverage on Randy Moss, or Tom Brady’s cracked ribs. Either way, the Patriots were embarrassed on their home field during the playoffs with a loss, a feat that has not occurred since December 31st 1978.

It was not only that the Ravens won the game 33-14, but rather the fashion in which they won it in. On the first play from scrimmage, Ray Rice had an 83 yard run for a touchdown. 7 to 0, and only 17 seconds down. The patriots were now in possession, looking for the rebound. Tom Brady had the ball, but fumbled and immediately the Ravens took possession of the football. They went on to score with a one yard run by Le’Ron McClain. The Patriots had the ball again, but an interception let the Ravens try for seven more. Ray Rice ran the football one yard for a touchdown and Baltimore was up 21-0. Another interception by the Ravens helped them score three more points with a field goal. The Ravens almost reached the record books with the astonishing first quaras 24 points allowed in the first quarter is tied for the second-best first quarter in NFL post-season history. End of first quarter, and the boo’s understandably echoed around Gillette Stadium.

In the second quarter the Patriots caught a punt and returned it with a touchdown by Julian Edelman, to put them on the board with 7. Another interception by Tom Brady and the Ravens had another chance in the red zone. They took advantage of it with a field goal, making the score 27-7 Baltimore. With Patriot possession and the ball in Tom Brady’s hands, he threw to Edelman for a one yard touchdown, putting the Pats in winning contention. Fourteen is the most anyone would see of the New England offense though, while Baltimore went on to score one more touchdown with a three yard run by Willis McGahee.

Grief was plastered on the faces of the cold fans walking out of Gillette Stadium. Maybe the Patriots are just not all that great. Sometimes the good teams win, and the bad teams lose, and that was without a doubt, the case this Sunday afternoon.

We are just going to have to wait untill next season to watch some football and then maybe Randy Moss will actually catch a ball or two… in the end zone.


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