Posted by: Staff | 01.21.2010

500 Days Of Summer Shines Through Soundtrack


(500) Days of Summer is a movie I had been dying to see ever since the trailer hit televisions and YouTube last March. I finally got the chance to see it while I was on a plane back from Europe over winter break. I was pleased with the movie, which depicts the ups and downs of falling in love; however, I was even more pleased with its soundtrack.

The soundtrack introduced me to many new artists and new sounds. The album represents the film perfectly, with indie, romantic, and angsty sounds. It includes songs by Mumm-Ra, Regina Spektor, The Smiths (a key band in the movie), Hall & Oates, Black Lips, Temper Trap, Carla Bruni, and many more. The album introduces different artists who were foreign to America, coming from Australia, England, and Canada. Some of the artists on the album are not recent; for example, Hall & Oates is from the late 1970’s, and The Smiths are from the 1980’s. The foreign sounds give the listeners something different and are unlike the conventional U.S. pop sounds; at the same time, the older music brings listeners back to the past. The album’s foreign and older music is a breeze of fresh air, bringing its listeners to a place where musicians have raw talent and create an amazing sound.


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