Posted by: Staff | 01.21.2010

Caroline’s Room

Anna Tsui ’16


I did it! I broke into Caroline’s room! I pushed and pushed on her door like this and then it opened!

Oops. It seems more like I just shut it. But if pushing the door open worked once, it will work again, right?

Oof. This is such a heavy door. Unngghh! Ahhhg! OPEN UP YOU STUPID DOOR!

It’s stuck!


I’m sorry, if it makes any difference.


Oh, wait. Caroline’s at school. And I can’t open the door and I can’t jump out the window and I can’t dig through the floor.

Which means I’m stuck. I suppose it could be worse, like that time I got stuck in the basement laundry room and…

I’m boring you, aren’t I? While I’m in here, I may as well give you the grand tour.

Will you look at this! Caroline’s room is always such a mess. Cards sprawled helter-skelter across the floor, bed unmade, random junk cramming up a huge orange shelf on the side of the room. Desk a fright, as usual. What’s that? No, I’m a very good kitty! I’ve never been on her desk! I’m not up there right now!

Caroline always yells at me when I go up there. Sheesh.

First, the orange shelf. It’s always full of a lot of interesting stuff. A frightening amount of it, but interesting stuff. My personal food dispenser and lap, who Caroline always calls “mom” (I assume it’s a code name, so that other kitties don’t get jealous), is always telling her to clean it up and get rid of it, but so far she doesn’t seem to want to. I hope she never does.

Caroline must be a very good hunter, because her room is full of dead animals. Dead cats, dead dogs, dead dragons, huge dead owls and snakes. Teeny dead animals and huge ones-some stiff and hard, some soft as Caroline’s bed. I’m pretty sure they’re dead anyway, because they never move or do anything. On the other hand, they haven’t rotted away yet, they’re oddly soft, and she sleeps with some at night. Hmm….

I just thought of something!! Caroline isn’t here, so she can’t yell at me if I scratch up her carpet. I love that carpet. It’s all green and white and fuzzy. But everyone scolds me whenever I scratch it, so I’m probably not supposed to do it. Still, nobody’s around…. should I be a good kitty or a bad one?

Ahhh, I’m feeling much better now. Nothing like a good scratch sometimes for the body, my mother always said.

Especially one done on an expensive carpet.

Oh, look! Caroline left her closet door open, which she almost never does. I love it in there. It’s so dark and cozy. She has a monstrous dresser in there (and an atrocious fashion taste), so there are a lot of nooks to curl up in.

Hey, way way way up there in the closet is a little shelf with some of Caroline’s things on it. How come I never noticed that before? And to get there, all I have to do is hop onto her dresser, then stretch-oops, that’s a bigger stretch than it looked like-stretch a little more-a little-a little-whoa!

Ouch. Thank goodness I landed in the bin full of dead animal thingies or that could have been a lot worse. Still, that smarts. I need to take a little nap – ooh, her bed!

I love her bed, all soft and green and comfy. Why don’t they make one in kitty size? So…soft…warm…comffsnore………………







What? Oh, it’s my CAT FOOD! You see, twice a day some of it (about a quarter of how much I would like to eat) comes out of this amazing device for my supper. It’s the most exciting part of my day. Why my people don’t eat it, I don’t know. But I always gulp it down fast just in case.

I’ve wasted too much time explaining that. My humans could be eating it. I could be eating it! What am I doing talking to you when I could be eating my food? I have to run. Okay, bye, see you another time!

BONK! OWWWWWW! Who put that door there?!?..oh yeah!

Hi there, where am I? Oh sorry.

Wow-I’ve been out that long? Sorry for boring you, I’ll get right back to the tour.

These are the books and still more of those dead animal things Caroline keeps in between the bed and the wall. How many does she HAVE, anyway? She should get rid of a few-especially the cats. Hey, I don’t want the competition. Everything looks so messy…but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Her electronic keyboard is right over here, near the bed. She’s had it for ages, about six months. Hey, that’s three and a half cat years.

Right above her desk is the bulletin board. Caroline has some bits of paper, some shiny round things, and some bird pictures. None of any kitties though.

Hey, there’s Caroline! I can’t tell if she’s angry or cracking up, but at least she’s opening the door. (Just when I needed to use the litter box, too…)

Well, gotta go. If you want to come talk to me (or feed me, preferably the latter), I’ll be right here where I always am: in this house. I don’t know where it is. But if you ever come this way, drop in on us.

I’m the one with the fur.


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