Posted by: Staff | 01.25.2010

iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid… or maybe a flip phone?


Where do you fall in the Beaver community? Do you have an iPhone? A BlackBerry? A Droid? Or wait, are you just one of those people who doesn’t care about their phone and is happy with a flip phone that makes calls?

In the last few years, it has become apparent that having the newest and greatest cell phone matters among many teenagers. But the interesting part is that most of them are designed to attract an older audience. Take a BlackBerry for example: the features it offers such as calender and e-mail do not need to play a large role in the lives of kids who are attending school everyday, especially a school which requires laptops. An iPhone is similar; it has countless applications available to purchase, or to download for free, but do we really need it?

The craze surrounding BlackBerrys at Beaver seems to have started two years ago, when the BlackBerry Curve, a smaller version of previous BlackBerrys was released to the world. Everyone soon rushed out to get them because of a single feature they had, and still do have: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). BBM is a form of instant messenger that only works from one BlackBerry to another; it requires that you have a pin number, which is equivilant to a Screen Name.  Without the other person’s pin, you cannot send BBMs to one another. Since everyone loved this new idea, BlackBerrys soon became ubiquitous at school, and so did the phrase “what’s your pin number?”

There were those people who did, however, decide against this craze, and turned instead to the iPhone, which had a lot more to offer because of all the applicaions available for it.  Now it’s almost like a competition: are you a BlackBerry person who wants to be able to BBM or an iPhone person who knows there are endless possibilities for it, and enjoys the applications?

But there is still a competitor out there, that is neither a BlackBerry or an iPhone: the Motorola Droid, which falls somewhere in the middle. It has a keyboard like a BalckBerry and has a touch screen like an iPhone. The appeal for it falls in between the other phones. You don’t have the BBM, or the apps, but what you get is a great phone with an easy way to text and a good web browser.



  1. I would point out, there are other types of android-powered phones besides the Droid. The Droid, and other phones, like Google’s Nexus One, run Android, an operating system made for cell phones by Google. These phones (and, indeed, blackberries and even some flip phones) can in fact run applications. The iPhone has the largest selection by far, around 100,000 apps, but Android has 10,000 and is slowly catching up.

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