Posted by: Staff | 02.01.2010

Have You Seen Pagli?

This past week, Mr. Principe’s pet chuck (half chicken, half duck) Pagliacci (Pagli for short) went missing, and the Headliner is reporting that one of the faculty members at Beaver is hiding Pagli. This faculty member has told the Headliner that he/she will give clues over the next few weeks to reveal their identity. Will you help solve the clues and identify who the mystery teacher is?

Clue #1

The number of letters in this teacher’s last name is equal to Matt McClure’s current basketball jersey number divided by the number of terms. Plus the number of continents. Then divide that number by one addded to the number of years Sheri Levin has been at Beaver. The answer will be available next Thursday.

( ((Matt McClure’s Current Basketball Jersey number)/(Number terms)) + (Number of Continents) )/(1 + Number of years Sheri Levin has been at Beaver)= ?


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