Posted by: Staff | 02.01.2010

New Up and Coming Artist Alexander de Maria Visits Beaver


Alexander de Maria is a young, very motivated artist living in Boston. His newer art work consists of very intricate drawings, based off of mythological animals and characters. A drawing usually takes him around a month to a month and a half to complete. When drawing these pictures, Alexander does not usually have a specific frame work that he follows; he decides what he is going to draw in the moment. Alexander is also working on another project called “Under the Same Shadow”, which is a collaborative project with another artist, Owen Rundquist. This project deals with animal skulls with a record player built into it. The record player continuously plays music in the exhibit. Around the animal skulls are four large speakers which allow the viewers to hear the music. Outside of the art world, Alexander is in a band with four other artists and plays the piano.

    Aside from mythological characters, Alexander has recently found a new hobby of creating paper cut outs. He presented these intricate pieces to some of the art classes at BCDS. The paper cut outs exemplify Alexander’s dexterous and patient cutting skills reveal his varying artistic abilities. A single cut out illustrates a picture made simply of lines, while gaps and negative space are used to create texture in his pieces. The unique detail in his cut outs is the network of cartoon films used. When a shadow is cast upon a single cut out, it is easy to see the real picture that he carved upon it. While Alexander visited the art classes at Beaver, the students had the opportunity to make their own cut outs with Alex’s help. The student’s made the cutouts on solid white paper and the pictures were inspired from magazine pictures chosen by the kids. Like Alexander, the classes used only the paper and an exact-o knife to cut out an interesting variety of designs. The current artist’s work is located in the art gallery at BCDS. It holds his fascinating collection of the mythical characters, paper-cut outs, and continuously playing music.


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