Posted by: Staff | 02.01.2010

Who’s Your Look-A-Like?


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had fun with trying to figure out peoples’ “look-a-likes.” I notice that a person usually resembles someone else, a character in a movie, or something else such as an animal. For years, I’ve come up with look-a-likes in my head but have never really had the chance to share these genius discoveries with the world. About two weeks ago, that all changed.

On a Thursday about three weeks back, I came down with a stomach bug and stayed home from school. While lying in bed, I went onto Facebook and groaned over the absurd amount of “Group Invitations” I was receiving. Most of the invites were for pointless groups like “If 1,000 people join this group I will shave my head!!” It was then when I came up with an idea to start my own Facebook group. A group that will actually have value; one that people will enjoy. So I created a group called BCDS Look-A-Likes where people could upload pictures of look-a-likes that they’ve discovered in the Beaver community. I uploaded a few of my own to get the group started and soon realized that other people had plenty of their own look-a-likes to share with the world. 

Today, over 100 hilarious look-a-likes have been uploaded to the group, such as the one of our newspaper Editor In-Chief, Tyler Starr, and the main character from Pixar’s Ratatouille, Linguini (above). One of the challenges I have faced as the founder of the group is to insure that no look-a-like hurts anyone’s feelings. Luckily, I have the authority to remove any upload that I feel is mean and crosses the line. 
    Be sure to check out the group on Facebook and keep your eyes out for more look-a-likes!


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