Posted by: Staff | 02.04.2010

A Call To Action


I hear my fellow classmates talk about all the homework they had the previous night.  They go on and on about the five to six hours of homework they had, and how they did not go to bed until one o’clock that morning.  I feel sympathetic to their cause, and feel fortunate to have never had more than three hours of homework on a given night.  I think to myself, “Oh, I hope not to be in that class next year”, or “Gosh, I’m so happy I didn’t have her”.  But then my mind wanders.

I start to imagine what might have taken place over those five to six hours:  they get home from their afternoon activity, have some dinner and look at the clock; it reads 6 o’clock.  Next, they do a couple of problems for math, read half a chapter for English, and complete one experiment for chemistry.  7 o’clock says the clock.  “I have plenty of time to complete my homework,” they say.  But what else do they do?  Maybe a couple of long video chats with friends, where they do nothing but talk about the most random things.  Some instant messaging with their best friends, discussing what they each did over vacation, and a couple of texts back and forth, or maybe some BBM-ing (Black Berry Messaging).  One episode of the infamous Jersey Shore.  Then they look at the clock, and it reads 10 o’clock.  They hurry and finish up the math problems, read the rest of the chapter for English, and complete the remaining four experiments for chemistry.  I look back at all their activities that took place from 7-10, and I think, “What a waste!”  They could have finished all their homework within two hours, and could have gone to bed by a reasonable hour.      

Here is my call to action: when one spends time to complete the homework, complete the homework.  Stay focused and be “awake”.  This means that when you spends time doing homework, turn off your cell phone, and if you can turn off your Internet.  If not, make sure you are not logged into iChat, or Facebook, and avoid all distractions if possible.  When one stays focused, they get more done quicker; therefore, they can still do all the fun activities afterward.  I completely understand that this is both not enjoyable and hard to do.  While writing this “Call to Action” I myself have taken much more time then needed.  I have had multiple conversations on iChat and through texts messages.  I have also watched multiple reality television shows along the way, such as The Jersey Shore and The Real World.  The amount of time it has taken me to write this article has almost doubled, and instead of watching the opening round of the football playoffs I am writing this article.  My promise to you (the reader) is that starting now I will complete all my assignments in a timely matter, and I hope that you yourself can follow my lead.  As Thoreau says in his book Walden, “Only that day dawns to which we are awake” (312).  That day that dawns is success.


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