Posted by: Staff | 02.04.2010

Mystery of Pagli: Part 2

Hopefully you all have solved the first clue. If not, below is the correct answer:

( ((Matt McClure’s Current Basketball Jersey number)/(Number of terms)) + (Number of Continents) )/(1 + Number of years Sheri Levin has been at Beaver)= ?

((# 33 / 3 terms)+(7 continents)) / (1+ 2 years)= 6 Letters

Pagli Loves Animals! Will you please help find who took him?

Each of the next clues will give you one of the letters from the teacher’s name, not necessarily in the correct order. Once you have figured out all the letters, you should be able to spell out the teacher’s name and discover who took Pagli! Here are the next two clues! Good luck!

Clue # 2

If you take the Green Line from the closest stop to Beaver inbound for two stops, what is the fifth letter in that stop?

Clue # 3

Who was the starting pitcher for game three of the 2004 World Series for the Red Sox? What is the second letter in his last name?


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